The dredging of the Port of Montevideo would position it at the regional level, Curbelo assured

The dredging of the Port of Montevideo would position it at the regional level, Curbelo assured

The approval by the Argentine government for the largest dredging of the Port of Montevideo opened a new path for regional competition Uruguay, a work that would position it as one of the main hub ports of the Río de la Plata.

The president of the National Ports Administration (ANP), Juan Curbelo assured that this step will serve the Uruguay to “support competition” in the region and highlighted the news as a historic event for the country. “We have to have the best productivity, and for that, infrastructure works are important,” the leader told Informativo Sarandí.

In that sense, the president stressed that this work “generates a definitive positioning of the port of Montevideo As the main hub port of the Río de la Plata, the waterway and the region”.

In tano he highlighted that after the work it could be “said that today the deep water port of Uruguay is that of Montevideo” and that is why he celebrated the vision of the Argentine government by accepting the request for Uruguay that came a decade ago without progress. Curbelo assured that Argentina He bet and understood that “more than competition, countries had to complement each other.”

Lacalle Pou’s thanks

President Luis Lacalle Pou entered into the agreement with Argentina due to dredging to 14 meters at the access to the Port of Montevideo and assured that “in ten years no one had achieved it,” while considering that it will bring about “a substantial economic change” for the country.

Besides, Lacalle Pou He highlighted that “the Argentine government changed and it happened,” by displaying a sign of gratitude for the “approval” of his counterpart. Javier Milei, while highlighting the role of the chancellor Omar Paganini and her counterpart Diana Mondino to achieve it “in a very short time.”

The president expressed himself like this after his participation in the Poultry Expo, which is carried out in Saint Baptist, where he recalled that the issue began to be discussed in 2013. “In our government the chancellor began working on it Francisco Bustillo with the government of Alberto Fernandez, but we couldn’t finish it,” he reviewed the efforts.

However, he appreciated the arrival of Milei considering that “the point of view changed, beyond the fact that before there were governments of the same sign or that had a good relationship”, while maintaining that “the fight between ports is something older than the mate hole”, when valuing the ideals of his Argentine counterpart.

Regarding future possibilities in the port, Lacalle Pou He highlighted: “Either we all understand that the river and the waterway are a place where we are going to win, or we continue in some way preventing the other from growing.”

Finally, he highlighted that “Uruguay It has a great port and the vocation to be the logistics hub of this region”, while highlighting that, once the work is completed, there will be “a substantial economic change in the possibilities of our production and the region.”

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