Photoshop glitch: Heidi Klum is missing a body part on the “GNTM” poster

Photoshop glitch: Heidi Klum is missing a body part on the “GNTM” poster
Search image: What is missing from one of the two official “GNTM” posters?
Image: Pro Sieben

It starts again on February 15th – the annual Thursday evening show about the “model mom” Heidi Klum (50) and fierce young models who take on tasks that you couldn’t have imagined in your wildest fantasies. To ultimately be left and get “the photo.”

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It was already known in advance that this time there would be no “best-ager” models, i.e. models above the average age, in the season, but there would be participants of all genders.

Klum lies on all kinds of models

Two posters were published. One with scantily clad women forming a tangle of skin and jeans, with a beaming Heidi Klum in the middle – and one with scantily clad men in the same pose. What you notice on closer inspection: Klum’s fifth finger is missing from the picture with the men. A classic Photoshop fail.

The fact that this faux pas apparently happened to the star photographer and “Germany’s Next Top Model” veteran Rankin, who took the pictures, is embarrassing on the Internet.

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