celebration of candombe and economic opportunity for neighbors

celebration of candombe and economic opportunity for neighbors

A new edition of Parade of Calls It will take place next Friday and Saturday. For the black and lubolo troupes, these are the most anticipated and popular nights of the Carnival and, perhaps, the most commercially notable tourist spectacle within the greatest popular festival of the Uruguay.

As usual, thousands of people will come to the South neighborhoods and Palermo those nights to find a way to follow the parade as comfortably as possible.

In addition to the places available in the stands and chairs, the Montevideo Municipality(which have been sold out for days) with prices ranging from 250 to 550 pesos, there are also other alternatives.

The rental of roof terraces and balconies on Isla de Flores street is a classic. This year the offer with posters on the facades of the houses almost does not exist since it moves mainly through social networks (especially in Free market) and with the contact agenda already collected in previous years.

One week before the calling parade, the most prominent places for Friday (where the most “consecrated” troupes compete) are already sold out, he learned. Ambit.

Range of options to view calls

In the “central” area of ​​the parade, rentals with use of a bathroom and refrigerator cost between 1,500 and 2,500 pesos per person, while barbecues with grills cost 3,000 pesos per person.

In the heart of Barrio Sur lives Valeria, a young member of a family historically linked to candombe through Morenada troupe. “We don’t rent the balconies because they are used by family and close friends, they are very much in demand,” Valeria jokes when asked if that comfort is available.

Through his profile on social networks, he offers chairs on the sidewalk, but with a privileged position on the corner with the Carlos Gardel street. “There is very little left, just a couple in the second row for Friday and a few more for Saturday, but they are flying.”

It has cheaper prices. For Friday, each chair costs 500 pesos and for Saturday, 450 pesos. “They are cheap because I sell to friendly people. When the business belonged to my mother, she charged in dollars and managed tourists, selling food, drinks and access to the bathroom, which other neighbors do today,” she adds.

Parade of calls in Montevideo

Her passion for candombe led her to be in different places, even parading in Isla de Flores and on the stage of the Summer Theater. While he does not rule out returning to his passion, which is dancing, today he manages this small family seasonal business.

“The calls for me are the World Cup of troupes. Although we are used to hearing the drums almost every day of the year because we were born in Barrio Sur, I come from a carnival family since my father is one of the founders of the “carnaval of promises” (children’s carnival) and director of the troupe. Morenada Juniors. “When you grow up in this, you have no choice but to follow the tradition,” Valeria concludes with a broad smile, waiting for the sound of the drum.

Another family home in Island of Flores and Achilles Lanza, proposes two options to witness the parade of calls. One at 3,000 pesos per person, including a pizza and a soft drink or canned beer; the other at 4,500 pesos, with the right to two drinks, hamburgers, chorizos and pizzas. The place – which has a very large balcony – has waiter service and security personnel, they explained to Ambit.

A true popular festival

In front of the housing complex from Isla de Flores between Minas and Lorenzo Carnelli, historic place where the Ansina tenementa house that used to be a hostel maintains the tradition of preparing the Call Parade as a true party.

Andrés, its owner, told this media that the fact of being the last block of the parade has its advantages and disadvantages. “It may be that the troupes arrive tired, but also because of the historic place where we are they perform a special performance,” he said.

Parade of calls in Montevideo

The balconies in the Sur and Palermo neighborhoods are rented for between 1,500 and 4,000 pesos.

The balconies in the Sur and Palermo neighborhoods are rented for between 1,500 and 4,000 pesos.

Regarding the proposal offered, he described it as absolutely comprehensive since it combines the recreational and the gastronomic. “We give them grill service included, although we charge for drinks separately. At the end of the parade we play music towards the street and they can stay a while longer because there is dancing,” he explained.

Their prices are 5,000 pesos for Friday and 4,000 for Saturday, and can be reserved with a deposit of 50%. “Now it’s all online, it sells out quickly. About 60 people a day are writing to me, consulting me,” he said.

A proposal in tourist mode for the Carnival

The offer that the Carnival Museum It is aimed mainly at tourists. Includes transportation to Barrio Sur, entrance, host service, bathrooms and exclusive security for the box in which they are located. The average cost ranges from 60 to 90 dollars, depending on the location and the day. It has also been out of stock for several days.

Source: Ambito

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