Electricity sales to Argentina and consumption record for OSE

Electricity sales to Argentina and consumption record for OSE

The heat wave that goes through Uruguay and which is expected to continue during the next week caused UTE start selling electric power to Argentina, who is going through a similar situation.

The climate phenomenon, which according to the Inumet will continue at least until Friday the 9th, will cause temperatures of up to 41 degrees in the country and led to SBI yesterday registered a peak in the consumption of water in 2024, with 642,451 cubic meters in the metropolitan area.

The continuity of the heat wave suggests that both situations could extend over the next few days, so that Uruguay continue with energy sales Argentina, while the consumption of SBI continue to increase.

UTE exports to Argentina

As reported by the Wholesale Electricity Market Management Company (Cammesa) of the neighboring country, the system reached a record, so the government of the president Javier Milei prepared to import 177 MW from Uruguay.

Besides, the Secretary of Energy Argentina plans to continue increasing daily energy averages, something it also did with Brazil, Bolivia and Chile, to “mitigate a system that today is saturated and on the verge of collapse.”

In this way, after a 2023 marked by water deficit and drought, which caused 2023 to be the worst year in the last two decades in production of hydroelectric power, The country once again generates surpluses to be able to place them in neighboring countries.

OSE recorded a consumption record for 2024

After another day of high temperatures, SBI reported that this Friday it recorded the use of 642,451 cubic meters of consumption in the metropolitan area, which represents its maximum level for this year.

While, UTE specified a use of 2,176 MW of power at 3:18 p.m. on Thursday, according to data from the Cargo Dispatch, so it still has not reached the historical maximum power of December 9, 2022, with 2,242 MW.

However the Executive He anticipated that “if the predicted temperatures are confirmed, a consumption record could be recorded in the coming days,” which is why they called for effective use of air conditioning equipment.

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