the incredible winning images of the Garden Photographer Award

the incredible winning images of the Garden Photographer Award

In a new delivery of the International National Photographer Award, the British June Sharpe managed to win first place with a abstract graphic titled “birdscape”.

The truth is that before announcing the verdict and announcing who would be awarded, Tyrone McGlincheythe president of the jury, stated: “When we judge the images, we hope that take us on a journey“, something that ended up happening with the incredible images presented.

June Sharpewho took first place, said that during the treatment of the image, he improved “a feeling of a bird dancing in a fantasy forest.”

In addition, he referred to the graph and stated that it “takes us to a place full of hope and peace.” Finally, he concluded by expressing that “it is rare that one can “connecting with nature and feeling so much compassion.”

photographer June Sharpe.jpg

The abstract graphics of June Sharpe, the winner of the contest.

Annaick Guitteny was another of the participants who won first place, but in her case it was from the category “Briefcase“. The British woman took the prize for a set of six photographs with the title “Evanescent.” The images were plants covered in water drops in the foreground.

The picture of Annie Green-Armytagetitled “Autumn Sunset“, won the category”beautiful gardens” with an image of a sunset in a garden in Suffolk, London. “The sunset was the ultimate gift of our majestic natural world, a moment of beauty that I was privileged to capture,” he said the winner.

photographer Annie Green-Armytage.jpg

With a photo with the title “The Lone Tree“, Andrea Graham won the “Relaxing Spaces” category. He took the image in Eryri National Park and said that capturing the moment was “magical.”

“As the blue hour before dawn progressed, we were blessed with these beautiful pink tonesbefore the sun finally rose over the mountains and kissed the famous, lonely tree,” he added.

For its part, Leena Roy won the categoryPlants and planet“with a photo of a underwater mangrove in Bunaken National Park, on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

photographer Andrea Graham.jpg

“The Lone Tree” by Andrea Graham won the “Relaxing Spaces” category.

In the category “Beauty of plants“, a photograph of a flower on the photographer’s dining room table Angi Wallace took first place. According to her, her camera is placed on a mini tripod and she chose “focus and stack 43 images together to make the most of the combination of heightened subject detail with a soft, dreamlike background.”

While, Barry Webb managed to win the category “The world of mushrooms” with an image of a mushroom one millimeter high. “This shot is made up of 87 images focused in brackets and stacked together,” the winner explained.

The category of “Trees and forests“he won it Drew Buckleywho captured an image in the River Brathay, in London.

photographer BARRY WEBB.jpg

The image of the one millimeter mushroom taken by Barry Webb.

The image of the one millimeter mushroom taken by Barry Webb.

National Photographer Award: the wild categories

Finally, for the categories “Landscapes and wildflowers” and “wildlife in the garden“The photographs of Albert Ceolan and Fernando Avanka respectively.

In the case of the first, he captured a wildflower meadow that “stretched as far as the eye could see, across a plateau of the Alpe di Siusi, the largest alpine meadow in Europe“he explained.

photographer FERNANDO AVANKA.jpg

Fernando Avanka won the category

Fernando Avanka won the “Wildlife in the Garden” category.

On the other hand, Ayanka’s photograph of a squirrel in Sri Lanka won, who he reported was located in the “perfect place“, he waited and was lucky enough to take a photo of the animal standing on its hind legs and biting a grass seed.

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