Álvaro Delgado stressed that it makes no sense to talk about the Frente Amplio in the campaign

Álvaro Delgado stressed that it makes no sense to talk about the Frente Amplio in the campaign

The presidential candidate of National Party (PN) and former Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgadoassured at a press conference that “it makes no sense” to talk about Broad Front (FA) during the political campaign, since “everyone knows” what he thinks about the opposition force.

The former member of Executive power held last Friday at a press conference in the department of cannelloni which, instead, prefers to highlight the high points of the current government administration over these four years.

“It makes no sense for us to talk about the FA, everyone already knows what we think, I think it is public and notorious, here everyone knows each other and I have been clear in recent days about what I think” he launched Slim.

Likewise, the nationalist pre-candidate insisted on the idea that it is more convenient “to talk about the (last) four years of government,” both about what was done and what the PN and the Multicolor Coalition “they want to do.”

“We understand that it is necessary to give this process and this path continuity, with innovation, with new challenges, but to give it continuity, that is going to be the tone,” said the white politician.

“We do not protect democracy if we lower the level of discussion”

On the other hand, Slim He acknowledged that, surely, the “tone” of debate throughout the campaign will be one “firm with the ideas”, although “always respecting the tone, climate and style.”

“It seems to me that we are not doing good to the population of the Uruguay“We do not take care of it, neither of democracy nor of the population, if in the electoral campaign we begin to generate conditions to lower the level of the discussion,” concluded the former Secretary of the Presidency, in reference to his crosses with the mayor of Canelones, Yamandu Orsiand the Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cossemain pre-candidates of the FA for the elections 2024according the surveys.

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