re-linked refugee agency to Hamas

re-linked refugee agency to Hamas

“The Unrwa (in English) is intertwined with the Hamas terrorist activities in Gazaperpetuates the false narrative of Palestinian ‘refugees’ who need to return to Israel,” Katz said, referring to the right of return of Palestinians displaced in successive conflicts with Israel since 1948.

“We are actively working to disassociate UNRWA from Gaza. They are part of the problem and not the solution,” he said. the head of Israeli diplomacy in a message published on X (ex Twitter).

War in Gaza: millions of evacuees and 27,365 dead due to Israeli attacks

Gaza is mired in a serious humanitarian crisis due to the siege Israeli, and a quarter of its population is hungry. Until today, 27,365 people died in israeli attacks to the palestinian enclave, the vast majority women and minors, according to the latest balance of the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

85% of the 2.3 million of Gazans left their homesmany of whom took refuge in facilities of the Unrwa.

Israel launched its military operation in the coastal region ruled by Hamas on October 7, after militants of the Islamist movement infiltrated from Gaza murdered 1,200 people, in their majority civilians, in the south of Israel and took with them some 240 hostages, about twenty of them of Argentine nationality.

Several donor countries Unrwa announced the suspension of their aid after Israel claimed that 12 employees participated in the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel.

Faced with the barrage of financial aid suspensions, the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, said Of the 12 employees indicted by Israel, nine were immediately fired, one was confirmed dead and “the identity of the other two is being clarified.”

He also called on all countries to maintain their financing of the organization.

Israel denounced links between the refugee agency and Hamas

Different Israeli officials accused the UN of complicity in ‘terrorism’ and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself said last week, as reported by his office on the social network Unrwa”.

UNRWA has 13,000 employees in Gaza, almost all of them Palestinians.

Provides basic services, from healthcare to education, to palestinian families who fled or were expelled from what is now Israel during a war in 1948 motivated by the creation of the Israeli state.

Palestinian refugees currently number around 6 million, living in urbanized camps in the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank and in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.. In Gaza they make up the majority of the population.

Palestine demands the return of refugees to territories colonized by Israel

Refugees are one of the central issues in the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, in addition to the Israeli occupation and colonization of West Bank and Jerusalem this, territories that the Palestinians have been demanding for decades to found an independent State.

The Palestinians demand that refugees have the right to return to the lands and land where they lived in what is today Israel. Israel refuses, fearing an avalanche of lawsuits over those properties.

The Unrwa expanded its operations during the conflict between Israel and Hamas and manages shelters that house hundreds of thousands of displaced palestinians due to fighting and bombing.

More than 2 million Gazans depend on the Unrwa to survive, feed and protect themselves, the director of the organization said last week, Philippe Lazzarini.

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