How were fuel prices composed?

How were fuel prices composed?

At the end of January, the Executive power decided to lower the price of gasoil and keep the naphtha for the entire month of February, after taking into account the Import Parity Prices (PPI) of the report prepared monthly by the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Unit (Ursea).

The last friday, Ancap informed through its X account (formerly Twitter) how the amounts will be constituted to the consumer throughout the current month, after the decision made by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM).

The price of Super 95 gasoline, whose maximum price to the public will be 75.54 pesos per liter, is made up of 45% by fees and taxes, and 40% by the company’s own income. Ancap and 15% for marketing.

In the breakdown, fees and taxes imply 34.19 pesos; the income of Ancap 29.84 pesos; and marketing 11.51 pesos. Likewise, the PPI price defined by Ursea was 29.78 pesos, so Ancap’s real income is 0.06 pesos above the PPI.

For its part, 50S diesel, with a maximum public price of 53.89 pesos per liter, is made up of up to 56% by the intake of Ancap28% for taxes and fees, and 16% for marketing.

In this fuel, the income of Ancap It is 30.23 pesos; fees and taxes reach 14.82 pesos; and marketing at 8.84 pesos. The PPI price that Ursea defined was 29.20 pesos, so the real income of Ancap It is 1.03 pesos per liter.

Supergas price composition

He packaged supergaswith a maximum price of 76.75 pesos per kilo, is composed of 51% by the marketing amount, 31% by the income of Ancapand 18% for fees and taxes.

In supergas, 38.72 pesos correspond to marketing; 24.03 pesos to the own income of Ancap; and 14 pesos to the tax burden. The PPI price was set at 40.75, so Ancapby selling it below it, loses about 16.72 pesos per kilo.


Source: Ambito

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