The celebrations are scheduled to take place again in the Marktstadl in 2025

The celebrations are scheduled to take place again in the Marktstadl in 2025
When “25 years of Baumgartenberg Market” is celebrated next year, the Marktstadl should also be usable again.
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Because the Marktstadl event center does not meet important safety requirements in terms of fire protection and escape routes, the hall has been officially closed for almost two years. At that time there was smoke in the boiler room at the rural youth district ball. During the investigation into this incident, the safety deficiencies came to light.

Since then, efforts have been underway in the market town to transfer the Marktstadl into the ownership of the municipality. This was originally set up and operated for tax reasons by the Marktstadl Association, which was founded specifically for this purpose. According to Mayor Gerhard Fornwagner (VP), this transmission will take place at the local council meeting on Friday next week. “We need this transfer because only then can we as a community apply for funding, which we absolutely need in order to be able to finance the renovation.”

At the same time, work is already underway on the details of how the Marktstadl can be brought structurally and technically to the level required for a permanent event permit. The community has imposed a remarkable time pressure on itself: it should be possible to celebrate again in the Marktstadl in a year at the latest. Because in 2025 Baumgartenberg will celebrate its 25th market anniversary. Fornwagner: “It is our declared goal in the local council that we can also celebrate the reopening of the Marktstadl at the beginning of the 2025 festival year.”

Synergy with new music home

The community is also currently occupied with another construction project, Fornwagner revealed at the community’s New Year’s reception: Because with the final end of the plan to build a music school branch with a music home in the so-called Machlandarkade west of the monastery, the music home question also awaits a solution Plans for a new building in the vicinity of the Marktstadl are being considered. This spatial proximity would definitely have its advantages: In the past, the music club not only played its club concert in the Marktstadl, but also held its popular masked ball here.

What happens to the building yard?

The future of the building yard is also taken into account in all of these concepts. One variant would be to build a supra-regional municipal service center together with one of the neighboring communities – such as Arbing, Klam, Mitterkirchen or Saxen. This would not only enable synergies to be used in the machines and vehicles used. A joint building would also have the prospect of significantly higher financial support from the state of Upper Austria.

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