The 5 key works to improve port activity in Uruguay

The 5 key works to improve port activity in Uruguay

The dredging of the port of Montevideo, progress after a record year

The last good news that the Uruguayan government received was the approval from Argentina to carry out dredging of the Port of Montevideo. The confirmation came last week from the Administrative Commission of the Río de la Plata (CARP), a few days after the chancellor Omar Paganini and his Argentine counterpart, Diana Mondino, reach an agreement on the issue.

The decision of the CARP, chaired by the former legislator of the National Party, Alem García, It comes after technicians from both countries resolve the viability of a 14-meter access, through which its width is expected to go from 57 to 62 kilometers.

With dredging at 14 meters, the Port of Montevideo may receive containers of TCP/Katoen Natie of ships measuring around 400 meters long, 61 meters wide and with drafts of up to 13.8 metres. According to reports, these ships allow containers of up to 24,000 TEUS to be loaded, vessels that until today cannot be accessed.

Along these lines, the works to expand the Cuenca del Plata Terminal (TCP), with drilling and blasting of rock from the seabed, as anticipated from the National Ports Administration (ANP). Thanks to the tasks, the port reclaimed a total of 28 hectares from the sea, while by 2025 another 23 hectares are expected to advance, totaling 51.

At the same time, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) weeks ago announced an investment of 103 million dollars to advance the expansion of the port, with the aim of giving a boost to foreign trade.

This occurs in a context where the National Ports Administration (ANP) had a record 2023 in both container movement in the Port of Montevideo as in billing income. The news of the new container movement record in this port terminal – 1,200,000 teus, the size of a simple container – is an important achievement in port and logistics terms for the country.

Improvements in Punta del Este

After a resolution of the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP), that accepted the company’s work plan Berkes, the port of Punta del Este It may be reformed to have better competitiveness at the regional level.

The authorization of Ministry of Transportation and Public Works will allow the port Punta del Este adds a breakwater closing the port, as well as expanding the port bay and, eventually, extending the current breakwater.

The most attractive point for luxury tourism in the city will be the creation of docking positions for maxiyachts and the generation of at least 140 new moorings for sports boats, by extending the existing marinas.

In addition, the work includes new features for users, such as two new parking spaces. The renovation works of the port of Punta del Este and its maintenance will be financed through a concession process.

The project of a logistics hub in La Paloma

In October of last year, Argentine and Uruguayan investors presented a project to build a ocean port in DoveDepartment of Rochawhich would be capable of receiving vessels with greater loading capacity and, at the same time, would have a dock for cruises and nautical activities.

The project has already been presented in the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP)in Presidency and in the Rocha Municipality. The initiative, called, La Paloma HUB (LPH) The construction of a 100% sustainable terminal is planned in the port of La Paloma with a depth of 18 meters, which would allow the arrival of vessels with greater capacity and would even turn the department into a cargo hub for the Mercosur to transport energy, minerals and food.

Meanwhile, the proposal also includes an area of ​​port activity on land where a free zone, logistics activities and would operate an industrial estate. This space would be located on the outskirts of Dove. On the other hand, the project proposes the creation of a dock for cruises and nautical activities.

Some international companies have already presented intentions to participate in the project by signing letters of intent, where they commit to the development of the private initiative and ask for its approval.

Modernization of the port of Fray Bentos

The Andean Development Corporation (CAF) and the Office of Planning and Budget (OPP) signed, at the end of October last year, a Non-Refundable Technical Cooperation Agreement with the objective of promoting the development and modernization of the port of Fray Bentos – with the aim of enhancing its strategic commercial role – with $75,000.

From this agreement, the Strategic Master Plan from the port of Fray Bentos, which will allow us to meet future demand within the framework of a new scenario at 34 feet of depth in the Uruguay River. In addition, an action plan will be carried out which will include the study of possible port and extra-port investments, necessary for the sustainable development of the port.

For its part, the Planning and Budget Office will carry out technical studies with updated information. This will allow us to visualize formulating the Strategic Master Plan and seeking its formalization through five years as one of the main ports within the coastal port system within the basin of the Uruguay River.

Millionaire investments in the Port of Colonia

The ANP is preparing investments of more than 23M dollars in the Port of Cologne. These will be assumed by the government and are scheduled to be completed during the second half of this year. These works include the construction of a third fixed walkway in el spring with movable sleeveas well as the expansion of docks and the placement of more defenses.

On the other hand, the ANP will allocate part of its budget to restore the iconic wooden pier of Sacramento Colonyin search of recovering the tourist attraction of the place. To this end, they are studying the reconfiguration of the specifications to define the executing company in the middle of the year.

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