Britons will have to work until they are 71

Britons will have to work until they are 71
February 5, 2024 – 15:00

It is expected that there will be a change in the retirement age. The study reveals that half of people of working age are inactive due to chronic diseases after the pandemic.


The UK retirement age should be raised to 71 years from now to 2050 for maintain a balance in the public pension systemaccording to a study published today by the British branch of the International Longevity Center (ILCUK).

The retirement age in the UK it is 66 years old.

Why Britons should work until they are 71

“Most countries that rank high” on this research center’s healthy aging index, such as the United Kingdom, “has a rapidly aging population”which means that the proportion of people of working age (15 to 64 years) decreases compared to older people.

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According to research, at age 70 only 50% of adults can work.

According to research, at age 70 only 50% of adults can work.

In the United Kingdom“the retirement age dYou should look at 70 or 71 years oldcompared to the current 66, to maintain the status quo of the number of workers per retiree” who receives a state pension, according to this study. The State pays a pension in the United Kingdomwhich currently amounts to £203.85 ($257.44) per week at most, and most British pensioners also receive a private pension.

The United Kingdom seeks a balance between working and retiring

The retirement age is currently set at 66 years in the country and is expected to increase to 67 between 2026 and 2028 and to 68 from 2044.

However, if allowing people to work longer is a solution to a balanced pension system, “Research shows that at age 70, only 50% of adults can workaccording to the ILCUK study.

ILCUK researchers They are calling on the government to focus more on preventing health problems, not only among older people but also among those of working age, as the United Kingdom has seen the number of inactive people skyrocket since the pandemic due to chronic diseases.

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