TCP expects the Port of Montevideo to have a dredging of 16 meters

TCP expects the Port of Montevideo to have a dredging of 16 meters

He Uruguayan government received good news last week and it has to do with the approval by Argentina to add one more meter of dredging to the Port of Montevideo – which will favor its competitiveness – although from the Cuenca del Plata Terminal (TCP) They assure that it should reach 16 meters.

The manager of Institutional Relations of the Cuenca del Plata Terminal, Fernando Correadescribed as “historic” the approval by the Argentine government of Javier Milei. With this, the dredging of the Port of Montevideo It will go from 13 to 14 meters deep, which will allow the arrival of even larger ships.

“One centimeter of draft It means that a ship with 140 more tons of merchandise can enter with the same maneuver and time as until now,” Correa explained to Radio Sarandí.

As for the investment that will be necessary to carry out this work, the manager who “a dredging “This type could have a cost of 150 to 200 million dollars.”

However, the manager recalled that the ultimate goal of the Uruguayan government is to take the dredging to 17 meters deep, with the aim of further positioning the competitiveness from the Uruguayan terminal. In that sense, he assured that the tools for dredging are available and that progress should be made towards the final objective.

“There is tools “What they give to start the work now, in the medium term we should take the canal to 16 meters,” the leader remarked.

Controversy around the port

He Port of Montevideo finds himself in the eye of the political arc and the pre-candidate for president, Yamandu Orsi, took the opportunity to outline a comment regarding the terminal concession with the company Katoen Natie. The politician was consulted about the purchase of the refrigerator Minerva and also gave his opinion on the extension of the contract with the Belgian company.

“The government has the opportunity to consult the contributions of all sectors linked to the agro. I wish he had done it with the port thing, but he didn’t,” said the candidate.

Faced with this, the TCP manager responded: “There are some phrases that have impact. The sovereignty from port to TCP. There is no delivery or exchange, there is a extension of the contract”.

Regional positioning

In line with Correa, last week the president of the National Ports Administration (ANP), Juan Curbelo assured that this step will serve the Uruguay to “support competition” in the region and highlighted the news as a historic event for the country. “We have to have the best productivity, and for that, infrastructure works are important,” the leader told Informativo Sarandí.

In that sense, the president stressed that this work “generates a definitive positioning of the port of Montevideo As the main hub port of the Río de la Plata, the waterway and the region”.

In tano he highlighted that after the work it could be “said that today the deep water port of Uruguay is that of Montevideo” and that is why he celebrated the vision of the Argentine government by accepting the request for Uruguay that came a decade ago without progress. Curbelo assured that Argentina He bet and understood that “more than competition, countries had to complement each other.”

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