We will not rest until we find the murderers

We will not rest until we find the murderers

He Ministry of the Interior He held a press conference this Monday regarding the police murdered in office and assured that the culprits will be found.

“It is a sad day. Absolute and total support for the Police and to each of the police officers who risk their lives every day to protect us and bring peace of mind to Uruguayans. We are not going to rest until we find the murderers and make them pay in prison,” said the Minister of the Interior, Nicolas Martinelli.

“Today we are standing on the leg of the repression after this sad and regrettable event,” the minister added. At the same time, he assured that “there is absolutely not one neighborhood where Police does not operate and has greater firepower than the criminals.”

The victim was Alexis Meireles 37 years old, who during the early hours of this Monday was murdered during a operational in the Marconi neighborhood of Montevideo. The police officer was searching three suspects when they shot him from a nearby house, as confirmed by the shell casings found at the scene.

Meanwhile, the director of the Police, José Azambuya, assured that “this situation is painful but it does not intimidate us.” “The protocols did not fail, they acted within what was established. The numerical superiority was held by the Police”, he added.

The union’s claim

After the crime, the Police Union He questioned the procedure that was carried out, stating that it was outside the protocol.

“If the protocol Just as they say, this would not have happened. “We believe this would not have happened,” said the union spokesperson. Jorge Diaz, with respect to those outlined by Martinelli At the press conference.

Also, he assured that there is a source who “unofficially” assures that he did not have bulletproof vest but it cannot yet be known since the case is reserved in Prosecutor’s Office. However, he stressed that “all troops have proper vests.”

“Usually, when procedures are carried out that way, only the cell phone intervenes. They say that they asked for support, that another arrived mobile in support and who then did the procedure. We will have to keep up to date with the situation they want to present,” Díaz added.

Meanwhile, the union will meet with the briefcase – in a meeting that they had already agreed for this Thursday – where they will discuss the case.

Source: Ambito

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