A bad boy turns 70: Dieter Bohlen celebrates a huge party in Berlin

A bad boy turns 70: Dieter Bohlen celebrates a huge party in Berlin
DSDS jury boss Dieter Bohlen wants to celebrate his 70s with “an unforgettable show”.
Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

He knows what he’s talking about because he’s been in the business for a long time. 40 years ago he composed “You’re my heart, your my soul”. The Modern Talking catchy tune is still being played. He will certainly also be heard when the “pop titan” celebrates his 70th birthday on Wednesday, February 7th. Bohlen is throwing a huge party in Berlin at the Theater am Potsdamer Platz.

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“If thousands of people accompany you so loyally throughout your entire career, then it goes without saying that I give them the opportunity to experience an unforgettable show together with me (…),” said Bohlen in a statement from the organizer quoted. The evening’s motto is “Today is a perfect day for a perfect day”. According to his own advertising, Bohlen is “the only artist who has 25 number 1 hits and has been awarded over 1000 gold records.”

“You sound like a sheep peeing on the electric fence”

Bohlen is now back under contract with his house broadcaster RTL. His career began there in 2002 as a permanent juror on the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS). In 2007, the show “Das Supertalent” was added, in which people present their talents. In 2021, however, RTL and the loose-mouthed entertainer temporarily parted ways. Because RTL sees itself as a family channel these days. Bohlen’s sometimes rude sayings (“You sound like a sheep peeing on the electric fence”) didn’t really fit into the picture anymore. The father of six children is now a little more tame.

Bohlen is back in the new edition of DSDS, which will start later this year, and is expected to achieve good ratings. The station is full of praise: The man from Tötensen is not only Germany’s most successful music producer, composer, songwriter, singer, author and influencer. He has shaped the show since the beginning of the first season and stands for successful casting formats on German TV like no other.

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Blunt honesty

“Dieter wears his heart on his sleeve and thus regularly creates a topic of conversation,” said Inga Leschek, program manager for RTL and RTL+, to the dpa. In addition to his blunt honesty and humor, he is characterized by his unique sense of talent. “There is only one Dieter Bohlen! Congratulations on your 70th, dear Dieter!” However, there are no birthday specials planned.

The always tanned blonde travels through several cities such as Bremen, Lübeck, Chemnitz and Hanau in the summer with an open-air tour “40 Years of Modern Talking”. It doesn’t matter that his pop duo with Thomas Anders broke up in a dispute in 1987. With new musicians, classics like “You’re my heart, your my soul”, “Brother Louie” and “Cheri Cheri Lady” await fans on the tour. “My fans have remained loyal to me throughout my entire career, so it goes without saying that my band and I will give everything to experience an unforgettable concert evening with them,” says Bohlen.

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Bohlen no longer cares about his former partner Thomas Anders, with whom his rise began in the 1980s. You can hear this in numerous video clips on Instagram and Tiktok. 3.5 million follow the dazzling musician on social media channels, where he appears in youthful style with a hoodie and sneakers. Usually at some pool with a girlfriend in the sun, sometimes from rural Tötensen near Hamburg with the many gold records in the background.

Harsh criticism – even against his colleagues

The successful person who grew up on a farm in East Frisia has put out a lot, including in his books. He also throws his harsh comparisons at successful colleagues. Singer and “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” juror Leony remembered such an incident in an RPR1 interview last year. After a joint video shoot for the newly recorded Modern Talking song “Brother Louie”, Bohlen called her producer and said: “Leony is good – she has a nice voice, but she has a bit of a charisma like a cleaning lady.” Leony appeared confident: “I didn’t hold that against him.”

Some didn’t take Bohlen’s sayings so easily. Katja Krasavice, as a co-juror, took a hard look at the “pop titan” in a Tiktok video: “All the jurors on the show have had it like that for so many years. But believe me, Dieter: you have it in me Found the wrong one. I swear to you.” Bohlen did what he usually does: smile away the criticism. He told the German Press Agency at the time: “We have two completely different attitudes. I say: ‘The good Lord has put hard work before success. Get training, have a plan B.” She says: “Look, I made it without training.” You have to accept that. But I hope that not many people take that as an example.”

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