23 of the 35 direct appointments in Salto Grande were resolved, said Omar Paganini

23 of the 35 direct appointments in Salto Grande were resolved, said Omar Paganini

The chancellor Omar Paganini He specified that 23 of the 35 direct appointments in the Joint Technical Commission of Big jump, when appearing before the Parliament at the request of legislators Wide Front and defend the management of the Executive power.

The minister of External relationships He is the first of several ministers who will give explanations this week on the premises. Before the Permanent Commission, composed of four senators and seven deputies, highlighted that “23 situations out of a total of 35 have been resolved so far.” direct appointments, either by common agreement or adjusted to current regulations.”

Among these solutions, he indicated that four officials they resigned definitively, three completed their contract and were not renewed, one leader will retire in March of next year and another 15 resigned of their own free will to remain as hired on an annual and renewable basis, in a bond that can be terminated unilaterally by the CTM.

So, Paganini He indicated that “there are 12 unresolved situations” and detailed: “They are permanent personnel and, even though in some cases a voluntary resignation to their permanent status was presented or the same was made available, the Argentine delegation “did not approve it, because it performs functions in a common area of ​​the binational complex and the Argentine delegation understands that they are necessary there.”

On the other hand, he referred to those officials who also served as councillors, whether starters or substitutes, upon entering the CTM. “Four of them remain as permanent employees. Three, who were substitute councilors, resigned from the Departmental Board and there is only one official who at this moment has the double role of official and councilor,” he pointed out.

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Paganini asked “not to speak for the tribune” about the budget items

On the other hand, the chancellor spoke of “working seriously on the issue of budget contributions and try not to speak for the tribune”, when echoing the criticisms of the mayor of cannelloni and presidential candidate Broad Front, Yamandú Orsi, about a transfer of 744 million pesos from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) towards the CTM.

Through your X account, Orsi He noted on that occasion that “the bucket and the chain went away, but what was stated in the document was not resolved or fulfilled.” Parliament”, while, when attaching the document, he noted: “And now this seems to validate the worst practices.”

However, Paganini He recalled that the amount is established by law and comes from previous governments. “It is important that this body keep in mind that this is the budget item approved by Parliament and that it is frozen since 2015,” he noted.

The leader assured that “without a doubt it is a confusion or a mistake that should not be used to generate doubts, to generate uncertainty about the development of the functioning of the Joint Technical Commission. “If we are going to be scandalized by each contribution, we are pillorying the binational complex in an inappropriate way,” he concluded.

Embed – Permanent Commission Session | 02/06/2024 | Eastern Republic of Uruguay

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