The head of the US Southern Command seeks to strengthen security cooperation with Uruguay

The head of the US Southern Command seeks to strengthen security cooperation with Uruguay

The Chief of the United States Southern Command, Laura Richardson, met with him Minister of Defense, Javier García, to highlight that the government of that country has “a solid commitment to strengthening cooperation” in security with Uruguay.

“For more than seven decades, we have been proud to call Uruguay a valued and respected partner in security”, highlighted the general Richardson, while he highlighted that the alliance between teams from both countries “is another example of the power of association.”

The American leader expressed herself like this after a press conference in which she thanked Garcia for being “a gracious host” of what he considered an important dialogue about “the enduring defense association between our two democratic countries.”

“Uruguay is a leader in democracy and in many other things, such as human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and peacekeeping operations for the military,” Richardson highlighted.

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Security support and equipment donation

On the other hand, the general confirmed that this Thursday she will participate in an event where she will donate four Bambi buckets and other supplies to attend the Firefighting, for a sum close to a million dollars.

“We also have around 50 breathing apparatus that we will donate and that will also help fire departments fight fires and put them out,” he confided.

“While I am here, my goal is to listen to your leaders, learn more about the important contributions of your military to the global peace and the regional security, and express our solid commitment to strengthen cooperation,” he insisted. Richardson.

In turn, he pledged to consider “new opportunities to collaborate in support of shared goals that benefit our people, our nations and our hemisphere,” while noting: “We will also discuss the support of USA to Uruguay under our security and humanitarian assistance programs.”

García highlighted the arrival of military equipment

To its turn, Garcia He highlighted: “We all know the weight that USA in the world and, obviously, United Nations. Therefore, that leadership of Uruguay recognized by the United Nations and the United States, must serve to continue advancing peace missions.”

“It stated that at the end of 2024 it ends, at the request of the Congo, the mission there and, therefore, from Uruguay we are looking for other deployment locations,” the minister noted.

At the same time, he highlighted the access to new military equipment, after the arrival of three Protector boats for the Navy. Now, for the second half of the year, a donation of armored vehicles that will be used in peace and border missions.

“We are processing a purchase at prices that are really less than market prices, of trucks, to renew the entire army truck logistics and some other light vehicle,” he added. Garcia and acknowledged that he asked Richardson “the possibility of studying the possibility of renewing the system of coastal radars what in Uruguay “It is very much on the limit, even if it is in parts, due to the investments that have to be made.”

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