Messner for killing problem bears: “Too many bears in Trentino”

Messner for killing problem bears: “Too many bears in Trentino”
The extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner for killing dangerous specimens
Image: Roland Weihrauch (dpa)

“I am close to the world of farmers, who now have an additional problem, namely that of large predators, from bears to wolves. The bear needs large areas. That’s why I say that there are too many of them,” said the South Tyrolean in an interview with the Italian daily newspaper “La Stampa” on Thursday.

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“Bears become dangerous when they don’t have enough territory and get close to communities. It’s normal to be afraid when you meet them. Either you shoot them if they are dangerous, or you send them to the Carpathians “Where there is space,” said Messner.

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“The bears have disappeared in our mountains for 130 years because the farmers could no longer tolerate them. The problem is living together with the predators,” said the 79-year-old. He received “crazy threatening letters” because of his position regarding the bears. “That happens,” reported Messner.

“Problem bear” M90 shot dead

On Tuesday, foresters in Trentino shot the “problem bear” M90. The decision to kill the bear was taken after an incident that had occurred in the Val di Sole valley in the previous days. M90 followed two friends who were walking on a forest path in the municipality of Mezzana. The bear came within ten meters of the two and then ran away.

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Analysis revealed that it was the bear M90, an animal considered “dangerous” because it had repeatedly shown excessive familiarity with humans in the past and was often found on urban and suburban streets. For this reason, the state council decided to kill the bear.

  • Localization: Trentino is a province in northern Italy

Trentino jogger dies after attack

In Italy, the debate about the coexistence of bears and humans has come to a head in Italy since the death of a Trentino jogger last April. Animal rights activists repeatedly call for people to be made aware of wild animals or to set up wildlife corridors.

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According to the province of Trento, the number of bears in the area has increased massively since the start of the EU project “Life Ursus” 24 years ago. Instead of 50 as planned, around 100 specimens have settled.

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