ANEP wants to modify the regulation on the closure of private schools

ANEP wants to modify the regulation on the closure of private schools

The National Administration of Public Education (ANEP) meets this Thursday to debate changes in the regulation on the closures of private schools in the midst of the crisis faced by that sector of the education in it Uruguay.

The idea of ​​the organization is to introduce modifications to the ordinance to limit the deadlines for communicating the cessation of operations of the institutions. The objective is to facilitate the relocation of teachers and students.

Four private schools announced their closure, leaving hundreds of families adrift. The Uruguayan Association of Catholic Education (Audec)which brings together several private institutions, asked to meet with the authorities to discuss this issue, Public Media reported.

Why do private schools close?

Audec assures that the reasons behind the closures of private schools are linked to a drop in enrollment as a result of the low birth rate who experiences the Uruguay.

However, since ANEP Although they validate this cause, they also consider that there are other factors.

“Enrollment in public schools has also decreased due to the drop in birth rates. The percentage of 15%-17% that the private sector prefers carries the same share of the reduction that the public has,” said the Minister of ANEP, Juan Gabito.

“There is an impact from an economic point of view on some types of families, and it also lies in the strength or not of the institutions,” he recalled and added that in parallel there is a shift from private schools to public ones due to a greater offer. varied.

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