Businessmen project inflation of 7% by 2024

Businessmen project inflation of 7% by 2024

The businessmen Uruguayans project both a mean and a median of inflation 7% for the accumulated annual figure for 2024, thus showing a persistence in inflation expectations since the end of last year, when they averaged the same figure for the moving year closed to November 2024.

With the figures on the table, it is observed that the national business community expects a cumulative inflation of almost 2 percentage points more than that which closed in 2023, which was 5.11%, according to INE estimates based on Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Business expectations have been steadily reduced since April 2023, when the average of some forecasts was close to 9% and the median was above 8.5%.

Likewise, for the cumulative year 2025, respondents also projected a median of 7%, but the expected average reached 7.4%. Some 23 companies consulted dared to say that it will be above 10%, and of these, 4 said that inflation in their areas will exceed 20%.

Companies expect operating costs to increase by up to 7.7%

On the other hand, national companies expect a median increase in operating costs of 7% for the current year, but an average that reaches up to 7.7%. By 2025, the expected median climbs to 8%, while the average rises to 8.1%.

The effective sample size of the Business Expectations Survey corresponding to January was 228 companies, while the theoretical sample size was 409 companies, so the response rate was 55.7%, according to the INE.

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