Quincho talks in Uruguay

Quincho talks in Uruguay

“A team that wins does not change.” The phrase was heard at the campaign headquarters of Alvaro Delgado, at the launch of his pre-candidacy. Delgado has already started firmly in political activity in the face of the internal elections. “At this headquarters we won,” added another close friend, emboldened by returning to the “bunker” where Luis Lacalle Pou set up his victory (close, but victory).

The signs of continuity are explicit and emphatic, from the double click chosen as a campaign symbol, to the aesthetics and proposal. “We are going to defend this government and we will follow its line,” Delgado emphasized. At the launch it was not Roberto Lafluf (at least he was not seen) but his hand is seen throughout the product and it is argued among the whites that he is the articulator of that aforementioned continuity.

And not only that: the change in tone of Delgado, a man who usually composes, attended the events of the PIT-CNT (will it go this year?) and dialogue gestures. Shortly after announcing his candidacy, he began clashes with the Wide Front, especially with Ing. Cosse. People from the Executive Tower maintain the idea that Cosse would have fewer chances as an opposition candidate; However, more recently doubts have arisen. “We see Cosse much stronger than Orsi,” they add.

As always in politics, there are movements between stores. The decision of the lobbyist deputy Ines Monzillo to leave the party Guido Manini Ríos and adhere to National Party He was not just an announcement: he was present at the launch of Delgado, with the intention of expressing himself. They told him better not.

He was also seen at Delgado’s launch to the media accountant Jorge Lenoblewho years ago was working with the former presidential candidate for the Frente Amplio, Daniel Martinez. Lenoble is now looking for fresh air.

Beyond these singular presences, Delgado has the overwhelming support of a majority of the main figures of the Party and the government, and starts as a clear favorite internally.


“We now know who is going to pay for the next barbecue.” The joke was read in the WhatsApp group of an important group of friends, top executives from several Uruguayan companies. The recipient was the financial director of one of the main commercial banks, a few days after knowing the banks’ million-dollar profits in 2023. “With the bonus you gave, I demand at least a green label,” another member added. “It had to be said and it was said,” added a construction businessman.

The bank had a historic performance in 2023, with profits of almost $1.3 billion and its managers, in general, are compensated with performance bonuses. They will be bulky.

The banking result also had an echo among stockbrokers and financial administrators. “We have to attract more investments and I will fight some money from the bank,” said a young, but experienced broker. With the increase in the international interest rate on its placements and the majority of deposits (liabilities) at sight, part of the banking profit was almost automatic. “Sometimes it is surprising how even financial managers in certain companies leave the capital without moving it,” he added with some indignation and hope of getting new clients, now that there are attractive real rates.


Mixed feelings between countryside and city. The tourist season has not been bad, but it has been far from other years and in February activity drops. The holiday of CarnivalHowever, it helps move hotel and gastronomic services in the East and other points. But what is not helping is the weather. “It’s just raining on the weekend!” complained a hotel businesswoman from Esteña, in response to the meteorologists’ forecasts. At the table she shared in a restaurant in Punta Ballena, there was a friend, the partner of an important soybean producer. “If my husband hears you, he faints: he is wishing for water to come,” she commented.

After last year’s drought, farmers are looking for revenge and if it does not rain, crops could be greatly affected and producers financially complicated. “It is key that it rains, because prices are not good and there has to be yield,” explained a farmer who was passing through Montevideo. “This heat wave took away all the humidity,” he added. In the climate, as in life, it is difficult to please everyone.

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