They propose 20% discounts on UTE and OSE rates due to the heat wave

They propose 20% discounts on UTE and OSE rates due to the heat wave
February 9, 2024 – 09:22

The deputy of the Colorado Party, Juan Moreno, presented in Parliament a project to lower prices due to the increase in consumption.


After the high temperatures experienced in much of Uruguay In recent days, the deputy of the Colorado Party, Juan Moreno, presented at the Parliament a project to reduce transportation rates by 20% UTE and SBI for certain population sectors, given the exponential increase in consumption of both energy like water in the middle of the heat wave.

Is called “heat wave” to the climatic event in which the increase in extremely high temperatures is sustained and persists for more than three consecutive days. This is what was experienced in the country, where temperatures exceeded 41°C in some locations on the western and northern coast and there was little change at night — with minimums equal to or greater than 21°C-24°C.

Given this situation that extended during the week, the National Administration of State Sanitary Works (OSE) recorded a peak in consumption in the metropolitan area so far this year, with 642,451 cubic meters. For its part, although the National Administration of State Electrical Power Plants and Transmissions (UTE) It did not present a new consumption record – still from December 9, 2022, with 2,424 MW), it did have high figures on par with the increase in temperature; and had an important sale of energy to Argentina.

The proposed discount on rates

In this scenario, the Colorado deputy presented a draft resolution in Parliament, with the objective that the Executive power and its autonomous entities Consider and work on the possibility of lowering OSE and UTE rates by 20%.

The measure would also cover retired and pensioners, people in unemployment insurance and workers with salary below the national minimum.

“Electric energy is not only conditioning and cooling with air conditioning and fans, but there are also people who use respirators to sleep at night,” Moreno explained to VTV Noticias.

“We believe that it is very important and that the State It must be present and, why not, help this segment for which we are requesting the initiative in this sense. It is an idea that is put on the table, it is the tool that we legislators have so that later the Executive and its autonomous entities can take this idea, in some way work on it and identify who is likely to be able to help or not,” he added.

Finally, he maintained that “it would be very good if some type of benefit” to these categories, based on the crossing of information with the Meteorological Institute of Uruguay (Inumet) and working with each department to determine the discount amounts and duration of this benefit, also considering issues such as the official heat wave declaration.

Source: Ambito

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