Uruguay has the most expensive gasoline in Latin America

Uruguay has the most expensive gasoline in Latin America

The price of the naphtha of Uruguay reaches 1.93 dollars per liter and is the highest of Latin America, According to a report prepared by SEG Engineering, based on data from Global Petrol Prices, which also demonstrated that this value is the 14th highest in the world.

The value of this fuel, which is adjusted month by month in the country according to the Import Parity Prices(PPI) that produces Ursea, He far surpasses his followers on the podium, Mexico and Chile, with prices of 1.41 and 1.34 dollars, respectively. In addition, it is well above the regional average (1.06 dollars) and international average (1.29).

At the opposite end of the regional ranking appears Venezuela, producing country, where a liter of gasoline costs 0.03 dollars, followed by Bolivia (0.54), Ecuador (0.63), Paraguay (0.84) and Argentina (0.98).

Meanwhile, at a global level, Uruguay entered the Top 15 of the highest prices, surpassing Germany ($1.87). The world table tops it Hong Kong, with a value of $3.11, followed by Iceland (2.29) and Denmark (2.08).

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How is the price of diesel in the regional comparison?

As for the gasoil, The price in the country is 1.38 dollars per liter, making it the second highest in the region, only surpassed by Mexico, where the value is $1.40, both prices above the regional average of $0.99.

In the international comparison, Uruguay It was 55th, with an average of 1.23 dollars in the 153 countries surveyed. That table also tops it Hong Kong, with a value of $2.94, followed by Iceland (2.32) and Swiss (2.25).

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How is the value of fuels in Uruguay composed?

After the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) defined a drop of 1.5 pesos per liter in the gasoil and maintain the price of the naphtha and the supergas, Ancap specified how the values ​​of each are composed fuel.

The price of the Super 95 gasoline, whose maximum price to the public is 75.54 pesos, is made up of 45% by fees and taxes, 40% by Ancap’s own income and 15% by marketing.

For his part, the 50S diesel, whose maximum price to the public is 53.89 pesos, is made up of up to 56% by Ancap’s income, 28% by taxes and fees, and 16% by marketing.

Finally, the packaged supergas It has a maximum value of 76.75 pesos, made up of 51% by the marketing amount, 31% by Ancap income, and 18% by fees and taxes.

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