Gabriel Gurméndez obtained the support of a sector that supported Tabaré Viera

Gabriel Gurméndez obtained the support of a sector that supported Tabaré Viera
February 11, 2024 – 17:56

The Sanducero space Arriba Paysandú confirmed its support for the presidential candidacy of the former president of Antel.

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The former president of Antel and presidential candidate for the Colorado Party (PC), Gabriel Gurméndezgot the support of Up Paysandúa red sector that until now supported the presidential pre-candidacy of the former mayor of Rivera and current Minister of Tourism, Tabaré Viera.

The Sanducero space announced in the last few hours that it will support Gurméndez’s presidential candidacy, as well as his economic team made up of former Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF), Isaac Alfieand the former president of the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU), Julio de Brunas reported by El Telégrafo.

Miguel Baccaro, general secretary of the PC in the department and leader of Up Paysandú, assured said media that the group is looking for “the opportunity to continue growing,” and that “they do not see it” within the Batllista sector “which is settling for Viera.” “It is necessary to promote the candidacy of another candidate,” he said in this regard.

“Gurméndez comes from the ideals of Jorge Batlle”

“Because of our ideals we feel more identified with Gurméndez, who is from the Quincista kidney, although his list will not be the 15“, explained Beccaro, who added: “It comes from the ideals of Jorge Batllesupported by the real concept of liberalism, of defense, of freedom”.

Likewise, the native of Paysandu He said that in addition to the economic team, “a great political team” stands out, made up of some names such as deputy for Montevideo, Conrado Rodríguezwhom he defined as “one of the first great national actors to join.”

“We are convinced that if (Gurméndez) manages to win internally, he can perfectly compete to lead the coalition, which is ultimately the ultimate objective,” Baccaro noted in his statements.

Last Saturday, Gurméndez thanked Beccaro for “the support and trust” of Beccaro through his X account (formerly Twitter) for his support for his candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic.

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