How does the Solidarity Fund that allows vulnerable young people to study at university work?

How does the Solidarity Fund that allows vulnerable young people to study at university work?

He subsidy is aimed at young people from all over the country who need economical support to pursue tertiary studies at the University of the Republic (Udelar), the Technological University (UTEC) or the Labor University of Uruguay (DGETP-UTU).

In interview with Ambit the president of the Solidarity Fund, Rosario Cerviño, and its general manager, Leonardo Pecego, They explained that those who wish to apply can do so until February 29, through the fund’s portal.

The scholarship consists of monthly financial support of 12,354 pesos, equivalent to two bases of benefits and contributions (BPC) at 2024 values. “This tool seeks to facilitate access to tertiary education for young people with fewer resources,” said the leaders, who announced that the organization plans to provide 9,000 scholarships this year.

A “Uruguayez” that functions as “intergenerational” solidarity

“The bottom line is a person of non-state public law. The objective is to administer a fund to grant scholarships to students with economic vulnerabilities in order to allow access to tertiary education at the Udelar, UTU and UTEC levels,” explained Pecego.

Meanwhile, he assured that the fund that is administered comes from the taxpayer contribution and these taxpayers are graduates of those study houses. “Basically it is a system of intergenerational solidarity, but at the same time the asset is financing a student’s entry to later reach professional activity,” said the fund manager.

“It doesn’t exist anywhere else. I even know that in previous years our authorities traveled abroad to speak about this system. In other countries there are scholarships, but they are financed by the government of each country, with a loan which the student then has to return,” said Cerviño, who assured that this policy will be 30 years old.

“It has gone through all types of government banners, from the National Party, he Colorado Partyhe Wide Front and it is already becoming a state policy,” added the president of the fund.

How to access?

Applications are made online, through the Solidarity Fund student portal. On that site, they must complete a form with information about the socioeconomic situation and patrimonial of your family and attach the requested documentation, which will then be evaluated by agency technicians.

Students who are already taking a career and those who already receive the scholarship and wish to renew it have time until the same date. In this case, in addition to the socioeconomic context, Academic performance in the previous year is considered, as explained by the organization.

In 2023 more than 9,000 were awarded scholarships and this year a similar amount is planned to be allocated. “We hope to have a good reception so that everyone can continue studying,” said Cerviño.

Improved performance and encouragement for students to complete their studies

Official figures state that one in four students who graduate from Udelar ever had economical support from the bottom, they point out from the organization. “It is shown that the student who receives the scholarship has a academic performance a little better than those who haven’t had it. They try hard and perform better because they have to maintain that scholarship,” Pecego added.

“It is also necessary to point out that the percentage of university graduates in Uruguay It is comparatively low with others. In other words, it is necessary that this policy exists to obtain more tertiary-level graduates,” concluded director Rosario Cerviño.

In that sense, they detailed that 91% of the scholarships are awarded to students of the UDELAR, while 5% are destined for Uruguayan Labor University (UTU) and 4% for Technological University (UTEC). For their part, 91% of scholarship recipients are the first generation to access tertiary education in their family.

Source: Ambito

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