Delgado joined the crossing with the Venezuelan government

Delgado joined the crossing with the Venezuelan government

The former Secretary of the Presidency and pre-candidate for the National Party to govern Uruguay after the management of Luis Lacalle Pou, Álvaro Delgadoresponded to the criticism of the Venezuelan vice president Delcy Rodriguez towards the local president: “What a face, right?” he pointed out.

“When there are no arguments, there are insults,” he said. Slim, consulted by the press regarding the words that the vice president of Venezuela He dedicated it, through social networks and in response to his first criticism, to President Lacalle Pou.

Delcy Rodriguez He expressed that the Uruguayan president “has the face of a lackey” and that “he bends and wags his tail when his masters from the north give him orders.” These words were surprising for the nationalist candidate, despite the fact that the political situation In the South American country it has become an important issue not only in terms of international relations for the government, but also as campaign theme ahead of the October elections.

About, Slim He said that the government of Nicolas Maduro “You should be ashamed to be outlawing and imprisoning opponents every day.” The candidate also said that it was difficult for him to understand why there is “so much prejudice to speak things by his name,” in relation to the political climate in Venezuela.

“When there are no free elections, there is a dictatorship; when there are political prisoners, there is a dictatorship,” he said. Slim, who also proposed to the rest of the pre-candidates to sign a document condemning the disqualification of the opposition candidate Maria Corina Machado in the Venezuelan elections.

Lacalle Pou’s criticism

On Sunday night, within the framework of the Melo Carnival, in Long Hill, President Luis Lacalle Pou assured that “eye-breaking” the fact that in Venezuela there is “a dictatorship” and that the coalition’s position “is clear” in this regard.

At a press conference, the president insisted that in Venezuela “there are no free elections” and that “another person was unjustly detained”, in reference to the arrest of the Venezuelan activist Rocío San Miguelwho is accused of being linked to an alleged conspiracy to assassinate Maduro.

“If someone doesn’t want to say it, it’s for a reason, because if it barks, has four legs and bites its tail, if someone doesn’t tell me it’s a dog, it must be for a reason,” Lacalle Pou pointed out in this regard.

Likewise, he reported that the Uruguayan ambassador to Venezuela, Eber da Rosawill travel to Uruguay to inform you first-hand about the situation in the Bolivarian country.

“Eber (da Rosa) comes to tell, to relate, to (make) known what is happening in Venezuelawhich is very complex,” said Lacalle Pou, who added: “it is the eyes of the government in Venezuela and it’s good to have it first source.

“When something happens in a country, I read the things that happen, I get informed, but above all I call the Uruguayan representative to tell us how people live there and what is happening there, and to tell us the daily reality of Venezuelawhich is not very difficult to imagine,” he concluded.

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