Strong criticism of the planned “Quantum Cube” at the University of Vienna

Strong criticism of the planned “Quantum Cube” at the University of Vienna
The main university in Vienna.

This “Quantum Cube” is now met with criticism from students: In a broadcast on Tuesday, the University of Vienna’s Student Union (ÖH) criticized the “undemocratic and wasteful approach of the University of Vienna” in the construction project, which involves sealing the ground on the campus. In addition, the students would not be included in the planning.

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The background to the construction project, which according to the university is currently in the “pre-project phase”, is the need for absolutely vibration-free and interference-free laboratories for the increasingly precise experiments of quantum physicists. This is no longer guaranteed at the current location of physics in the Währinger Straße/Boltzmanngasse area in Vienna-Alsergrund due to car and tram traffic and the future route of the U5 subway line, which is currently under construction.

New building planned in Hof 2 de Campus

For this reason, the new building is planned in courtyard 2 of the campus, according to the university on land that has always been dedicated as building land. The building will have a floor area of ​​400 square meters, with reference to the total area of ​​the campus of 96,000 square meters. As part of the project, more areas on campus would be unsealed than the footprint of the “Quantum Cube,” according to a university statement sent to the APA. In addition, biodiversity and climate protection are essential project specifications in the design of the building.

For the student representatives, the project recently presented by the Rectorate is a “quick and poorly thought-out construction project that is intended solely to appease two professors at the university.” Student voices would not be included. While at least 22 million euros should be raised for this, there is a lack of money in other parts of the university. It is criticized that the construction will promote soil sealing on the campus and also take away social space. “While we are part of the student body at the University of Vienna, there will be no Quantum Cube in Courtyard 2,” said the ÖH Uni Wien chair team.

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