HIV prophylaxis will be free from April 2024

HIV prophylaxis will be free from April 2024
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This is provided for in an amendment proposed by the government parties, which will be submitted to the Health Committee on Wednesday. In the future, those affected will receive reimbursement of up to 60 euros per month for the medication. This corresponds to the costs currently incurred in specialized pharmacies. There is a subsidy of 25 euros per quarter for medical advice.

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60 euros will be refunded

In December 2023, the government parties submitted an initiative proposal for free access to PrEP to the National Council. In the Health Committee on Wednesday, an amendment will now be submitted in which the specific implementation will be regulated, the Ministry of Health said on Tuesday. From April 2024, the costs for HIV PrEP can be submitted to social security. Those affected will then receive up to 60 euros back per pack. It contains the necessary preparations for one month. In pharmacies that specialize in dispensing PrEP, the costs are currently between 46 and 59 euros per pack.

In order to ensure comprehensive information, regular medical consultations and a doctor’s prescription are required. An additional flat rate of 25 euros per quarter will be reimbursed by social security, informed the department of Health Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens).

“Effective protection against infection”

“Taking PrEP as a preventive measure is effective protection against HIV infection,” emphasized Rauch. “It reduces the risk of infection by at least 75 percent. In the future, people who previously had difficulty or were unable to afford the preparations will also be able to use PrEP. According to our estimate, more than 3,000 people in Austria will benefit from the new regulation. ” The goal is: “AIDS should disappear by 2030 – including here in Austria.”

In order to enable free access to HIV PrEP, the federal government is providing social security with five million euros annually until the end of 2027. An evaluation of the implementation should take place by 2026 at the latest

What is PrEP?

The prescription drug PrEP is taken as needed or daily. It is recommended for HIV-negative people who are at increased risk of becoming infected with HIV. This risk group includes people with an HIV-positive partner or people who have unprotected sexual intercourse with frequently changing partners.

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