Fewer local councilors in the Waidhofen town hall?

Fewer local councilors in the Waidhofen town hall?
Martin Dowalil, parliamentary group leader of FUFU, believes that a lot would be achieved by saving money among the political representatives in Waidhofen.

Yesterday, during a group discussion in the town hall, further discussions were held about how heads can be saved in the local council in the future. The VP, SP and Pirate List FUFU had previously jointly expressed their desire to reduce the size of the statutory city’s municipal council, which currently has 40 seats. There was talk of a local council that would only have 31 seats, which would mean annual savings of around 100,000 euros in politicians’ salaries. The reduction in the city parliament does not provide any relief for the need to make savings in this year’s budget, in which a deficit of 4.32 million euros had to be estimated, because the measure can only be implemented after the 2027 election year.

“The 31 mandates that the local council will then have is a once-in-a-lifetime number,” says Martin Dowalil, councilor on the FUFU list. “If it were up to us, we would cut even more mandates without political work suffering would.”

It is said that the proposal to make savings in local council mandates came from Mayor Werner Krammer (VP) after the FUFU list, according to its own statements, had hit the ground running in previous years with its demand to save politicians’ positions. The SP was always in favor of reducing the size of the Waidhofen municipal council.

The acid test of how serious it is about implementing the expression of intent will be a resolution in the local council asking the state of Lower Austria to change Waidhofen’s city law. “We should tackle this quickly now,” says Dowalil. Most cities the size of Waidhofen with just over 10,000 inhabitants have 37 local council seats.

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