Glotzinger intersection: Despite recent accidents, a roundabout is not an option

Glotzinger intersection: Despite recent accidents, a roundabout is not an option
There were four people injured in a traffic accident at the Glotzinger intersection recently.
Image: (FF Putzleinsdorf)

Just a few days ago, after an accident at the Glotzinger intersection between Putzleinsdorf and Lembach, the fire department had to free a trapped man (62). All four people involved in the accident were injured. This means that discussions about a roundabout at the Glotzinger intersection have flared up again. However, the office of the State Transport Councilor Günther Steinkellner continues to give a clear no to the Glotzinger roundabout. “We looked at it very closely. A roundabout on this hill would not increase traffic safety,” says Marco Sterk from the State Council’s office: “According to experts, a roundabout would actually have a negative impact on traffic safety because of the low visibility,” he says . The opinion of the experts is respected. Of course, we could work together with the district administration on further solutions that increase traffic safety. However, these would be more in the area of ​​warnings or further restrictions. “This could be sharpened if necessary,” says Sterk.

Standoff in Oepping

When people talk about the Glotzinger intersection, one quickly comes to the topic of the grill intersection in Oepping. According to the state, a roundabout would make sense there and would increase traffic safety. A roundabout would also have a positive effect on traffic flow at the busy intersection. However, there are problems with financing. The municipality would have to pay an additional 400,000 euros to the project for the municipal road leading into it. An amount that the Oeppingers cannot afford. A maximum of 80,000 euros could be raised. In this respect, this results in a stalemate between the state and the municipality. How the financing would look like if Oepping were to fall into hardship compensation would have to be reassessed.

Roads in poor condition

In general, there is a need for action in many corners and ends of the Rohrbach district. Some sections of the road are in a disastrous condition. The need for renovation on the B38 in Oepping has already progressed to such an extent that a 30 speed limit currently applies there. This is not an isolated case in the district. Sterk: “We are aware that the past winters were particularly stressful for the road infrastructure in the Rohrbach district.” In this area you have to reach for the ceiling.

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