Wels FPÖ mayor Rabl is running for the Jewish memorial association

Wels FPÖ mayor Rabl is running for the Jewish memorial association
Andreas Rabl (FP)
Image: City of Wels

In second place on the list is the liberal mayor of Wels, Andreas Rabl. According to the list available to the APA, he wants to become deputy chairman. In front of him is the red mayor of Linz, Klaus Luger. The “Friends of Yad Vashem” is an independent association that maintains contacts with the memorial in Israel.

Two groups are running for the “Friends of Yad Vashem” and have submitted their nominations with six candidates each. This will be decided at the general meeting on March 20th in the Linz town hall. The second list, for which Luger and Rabl are not the only candidates, is more politically occupied. Three other SPÖ politicians, including the Upper Austrian Third State Parliament President Peter Binder, are also represented there.

Rabl is open

In any case, Rabl’s candidacy could be viewed critically in the Jewish community, as contacts with the Freedom Party are strictly rejected by the Jewish Community (IKG). Rabl himself is open in his application letter and emphasizes that he has supported the club for years. For him, “signs for remembering and against forgetting are a political concern,” writes the mayor of Wels about the annual commemoration in his city “of the atrocities of Kristallnacht.”

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