The European Union freezes negotiations with Mercosur until September

The European Union freezes negotiations with Mercosur until September

The confirmation came from the Vice-President of the Commission and Commissioner for Trade, Valdis Dombrovskisto the government of Lula da Silva in Brazilconfirmed Ambit in Argentina after consulting three sources from that country in the negotiations.

“The European Union The dialogue was withdrawn at least until September because it enters into a complex electoral process to renew authorities,” explained one of the sources.

The postponement is not surprising although it is due to political movements within the European bloc. The dialogue had already suffered a mortal blow with the agrarian protests in France –which extended to several countries of the 27- and the intransigent position of the government of Emmanuel Macron of not negotiating the agreement as it is.

On February 1, France announced a series of measures to put an end to the historic agricultural protests, which, in practice, make it impossible to ratify the agreement between the Mercosur and the European Unionwhich has been going back and forth between the two blocks for 25 years.

Among them, the Elysée announced the incorporation of the concept of food sovereignty into French legislation and that of agriculture as a “fundamental interest of the Nation.”

Now, the Commission – which was already facing the difficulties emanating from the French position – resorted to an internal process to postpone the return of talks with the governments of France until at least the last quarter of the year. ArgentinaBrazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.

This is a splash of cold water for the government of Javier Milei who, since taking office in December, has made clear his interest in closing the trade agreement between the Mercosur and the European Union. For Brazil it is new proof of its diplomatic leadership, while Paraguay He has already shown his inclination to leave the dialogue given the delays.

In the case of UruguayIt is known that the government of Luis Lacalle Pou is exhausted from efforts at fruitless negotiations. Its attention, for some time, has been on traveling parallel paths to achieve the opening of other competitive markets, mainly in Asia and Oceania.

Source: Ambito

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