The police called for 3 operations around the Volksgarten in Linz

The police called for 3 operations around the Volksgarten in Linz
Several police patrols were deployed around the Goethekreuzung stop. (symbol image)
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“What’s going on on Linzer Landstrasse?” asked passers-by who were walking around the Goethekreuzung tram stop on Wednesday afternoon. A large part of the available police forces, including the rapid intervention group, were deployed near the Volksgarten.

The reason was three almost simultaneous alarms, according to OÖN’s request from the state police headquarters in the evening: A scuffle in the Volksgarten, a robbery on the country road and an alarm being triggered in the Oberbank branch kept the emergency services busy.

Mühlviertler bit his hand

Several police officers went to the Volksgarten, where an argument between three Austrians had escalated in front of the tram stop. For an unknown reason, a 41-year-old from Steyr and a 38-year-old from Salzburg got into an argument, which culminated in a fight. A 38-year-old from Mühlviertel tried to intervene and was bitten on the hand by one of the two bullies. Further investigations will follow, according to the police.

Almost at the same time, an alarm was triggered in the Oberbank branch not far from the Volksgarten. Here too, the police arrived, but were quickly able to give the all-clear – it was a false alarm. In addition, a cell phone robbery on the country road called for emergency services.

Redesign planned

  • From the archive: The Volksgarten should become a park for everyone

Only recently did the city government agree on a package of measures to redesign Linz’s Volksgarten, which many residents see as a “problem area”. Among other things, should According to Mayor Klaus Luger, the “extremely problematic situation” along the Goethekreuzung tram stop will be eliminated by removing the long benches behind the stop from the beginning of March.

Video: How residents see the Linz Volksgarten

Localization: The Volksgarten is located at the southern end of Linzer Landstrasse

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