Labor demand remained at high levels for 9 consecutive months

Labor demand remained at high levels for 9 consecutive months
February 21, 2024 – 15:26

Employment opportunities have remained at around 5,500 per month since May 2023, according to the Advice employment monitor.

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The job demandIt has been stable for 9 months and is supported by around 5,500 investment opportunities. employment monthly from May 2023, according to the labor monitor of advice, which qualified the period as the one with the greatest consistency of measurement.

In January, the survey showed a total of 5,435 job vacancies in the labor and media portals that Advice takes into account, reflecting the dynamism that the company had in 2023. wage bill and the growth of Work market.

The report stated that in January there were 5,435 job vacancies, a growth of 3.1% in demand compared to December, although a decrease of 6.8% year-on-year, when compared to January 2023, which has the record for the first month of the year of the indicator, which has been prepared since 2008.

In this way, the monthly average between May 2023 and January of this year is 5,495 job opportunities, demonstrating the stability despite foreseeable seasonal factors and unanticipated specific circumstances.


What happened to seasonal employment?

On the other hand, the monitor focused on the seasonal employment and pointed out that between October and January the highest demand for temporary workers, growing up to 50% during that period.

When evaluating the level of qualification and responsibility Of the positions, it is observed that more than 70% of the jobs of this type offered are at an operational level, low-skilled and unskilled, while 30% are distributed among positions of greater specialization and hierarchy.

In fact, Advice highlighted that the lower the qualification level of the positions in demand, the higher the percentage of temporary employment opportunities.


Meanwhile, if one investigates the work ties, It appears that the most frequent is the definite term contract, which is used in 91% of cases.

This modality is followed far behind by contract for work or labor (8%), with greater presence in the construction and in the sector of Information technology. Furthermore, a minority part is explained by the demand for workers day laborers.

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