Lacalle Pou crossed Andrés Lima at the inauguration of the Salto Airport

Lacalle Pou crossed Andrés Lima at the inauguration of the Salto Airport

President Luis Lacalle Pou participated in the inauguration of the new airport Leap and questioned the mayor of the department, also a pre-candidate for the presidency of Uruguay for him Frente Amplio, Andrés Lima, due to criticism of the government: “The launch became a political act for them,” he said.

Although the official commissioning of the renovations will be on Friday at 10, this morning the inauguration of the new Salto International Airport “Nueva Hespérides”in which the President of the Republic was present.

Beyond the main event, which was the presentation of the improvements that aimed at the modernization of the aeronautical infrastructure to adapt it to the international standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)of United Nations; The campaign and political disputes crept into the event.

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The inauguration of the Salto International Airport was attended by the Uruguayan president Luis Lacalle Pou.

An “off-topic” exchange

“Off topic, like almost everyone else was off topic today. If it were a writing in high school, off topic, come back in February,” he commented. Lacalle Pou when he took the lectern, his turn to give a speech during the inauguration.

The comments were for Lima, who had spoken first, at that same lectern and just minutes before, using a good part of the space to list the investments that the national government had promised for Salto and that have not yet materialized.

Among them, the barge port north of the dam Big jump, “the announcement of a dry port at the height of the border crossing Salto – Concordia, that the department embraced everything,” the free shop claimed for the region, a train that connects to Leap with Concordia and the announcement that the city of Leap It would have five sports centers. All of them, Lima assured, are expected in 2024.

For the president, one should “never commit the imprudence of saying that governments have not done anything.” “In fact, in 2014, the day we started the campaign, my second phrase was: ‘We are going to continue what is being done well. “We are going to change what is being done wrong and we are going to do what was never done,” he exemplified, as a counterpoint to the proposals of the Frente-Amplista mayor.

“When you get on the rail, you get on the rail, but you have to have the perspective of what our country is. There, counting quickly, there are three presidential candidates sitting four meters away,” he added, pointing to the people between them. the public. “They are going to greet each other, that is actually not even because of the candidates, it is because our society would not accept anything else. Those who educate us are the Uruguayans. The Uruguayans do not allow blood to reach the river,” said the president.

“I was just telling Martin (Eurnekian) already Diego (Arrosa) that the launch became a political act for them,” the president added.

This appreciation could also be observed by people in the public since, while Lima was making the list of pending investments, someone shouted to him “We are inaugurating the airport, sir!”; comment that was accompanied by applause from the attendees.

Likewise, and before making the comments publicly, when Lima came off the stage, Lacalle Pou He complained to him from his seat about the speech and urged him to have the phone open to talk about those issues.

The president’s impotence in the face of crimes

President Lacalle Pou He also used minutes of his oratory to refer to the murder of the 5-year-old boy in Pinar Norte, Canelones. “It is difficult for me to dissociate my state of mind. “Usually I can do it, today I can’t,” said the president, who said that he learned the news in the early morning from the Minister of the Interior. Nicolas Martinelli.

“Do you know what one feels? The weight I feel? It’s an enormous anger and enormous frustration, it’s helplessness,” the president admitted, and he asked himself “when is it that an illicit activity, which generates violence, crimes related, is naturalized in a family”.

“There is something more there, and it is the responsibility of a profound duty that exceeds anything: a society cannot naturalize that these children are raised in that environment,” he said.

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