The trading group was sued by AK Steyr for 124 euros

The trading group was sued by AK Steyr for 124 euros
AK district office manager Gerhard Klinger reported 6,000 requests for help in 2023.

At a press conference yesterday, Chamber of Labor President Andreas Stangl and AK district office manager Gerhard Klinger presented a balance sheet for the past year 2023. According to this, the Steyr Chamber of Labor won a total of more than 6.6 million euros from labor and social law claims as well as claims for insolvency members.

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Those seeking help turned to the Chamber of Labor in Steyr 6,000 times in 2023. Differences in the final settlement of terminated employment relationships, outstanding remuneration from the current employment relationship and unlawful dismissal – these are recurring topics that the AK experts are confronted with. “131, and therefore the vast majority, of the labor law cases concerned companies without a works council,” says Stangl, emphasizing how important company representation is for correct pay and compliance with labor law. In terms of sectors, catering businesses and temporary workers are responsible for a quarter of all labor law violations – although only eight percent of employees work in these professional fields.

From 124 to 40,000 euros

Whether it’s big money or trivial amounts doesn’t matter to the AK’s legal experts. “After repeated intervention from us, a well-known retail group was sued for a whopping 124 euros for an unused employee bonus,” reports Klinger. The case in which the highest amount is at stake is also somewhat strange. “We won almost 40,000 euros for a metal worker by fending off a completely baseless claim from his company for compensation.” On top of that, according to Klinger, it turned out that the man had been paid 4,200 euros too little in wages. This money was subsequently paid out by the company.

Disagreements, which are disputed by the AK, also arise again and again when it comes to care allowance. Klinger pointed out that, if necessary, the Chamber of Labor also goes to court on behalf of close relatives of its members on these issues.

AK President Stangl also promoted the AK elections, which will take place from March 5th to 18th. “The general assembly is the highest body of the AK. In Upper Austria it consists of 110 chamber councilors who are elected every five years.”

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