Boy locked in dog crate: “It was just surreal”

Boy locked in dog crate: “It was just surreal”
The then 12-year-old was trapped in this box.

The trial of a now 13-year-old, who is said to have been locked in a dog box and tortured by his mother in the Waldviertel, continued on Tuesday at the Krems regional court. The social worker who intervened to ensure that the boy was hospitalized in November 2022 and survived had his say on Tuesday.

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On November 22, 2022, the social worker had a “confused and strange phone call” in the evening with the second defendant, whom she had heard about for the first time. The 40-year-old reported on the phone that she had been sent a video in which the 12-year-old could be seen “in a worrying condition.” The social worker decided to go to the first defendant’s apartment with the 40-year-old.

“I’m very scared”

The situation on site was “just surreal and bizarre,” said the witness: “I am very frightened.” The boy was unresponsive and was lying on the floor. “It was definitely clear he needed help.” After repeated demands from the social worker – most recently “loudly and sharply” – the mother called the rescue team. “Mechanically,” like “like she was ordering a pizza.” A main issue for the first defendants was whether the child’s condition could “return to them,” said the social worker. “There was nothing more. There was no emotionality.”

Precarious health condition

She didn’t get any thanks from her mother: “I had the impression that she was annoyed.” Pediatrician Hans Salzer, who examined the boy at the request of the Krems public prosecutor’s office after he was taken to the hospital, reported that his health was very precarious, especially at the beginning. The boy is currently doing well again physically. Verdicts are scheduled for Thursday.

Video: The trial began on Monday at the Krems regional court with great media interest

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