They murder two pre-candidates for the same mayoralty

They murder two pre-candidates for the same mayoralty

Two candidates for mayor of the municipality of Maravatíoin the Mexican state of Michoacán (west), were murdered on Monday in different incidents, the regional prosecutor’s office reported this Tuesday.

The first victim was Miguel Ángel Reyes Zavalaaspired to obtain the candidacy of the Morena party -of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He second murdered candidate is Armando Pérez Lunaaspiring to be the standard bearer of the opposition National Action Party (BREAD).

What was the attack on the candidate Miguel Ángel Reyes Zavala like?

The The first victim was Miguel Ángel Reyes Zavala, He was a doctor and aspired to be the candidate of the Morena party – of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador – for the mayor of the municipality, he was shot at on Monday afternoon when he was aboard his vehicle, military and police sources indicated.

He attack occurred when he was “parked in the back of the San Rafael clinic, where he worked,” located in the Rancho La Huerta subdivision, in the center of Maravatío, the Michoacán prosecutor’s office reported in a statement on Monday night.

Zavala “He had wounds caused by gunshot wounds”the agency noted. The attack was carried out by two hitmen that they got out of a white car, approached the politician and shot him at point-blank range, and then fled in the same vehicle, according to testimonies collected by investigating police.

The attack on pre-candidate Armando Pérez Luna

Hours later, the body of Armando Pérez Lunaaspiring to be the standard bearer of the opposition National Action Party (PAN) for the same position, He was found inside a car with “wounds caused by gunshots.” of fire,” the prosecutor’s office detailed in a brief statement this Tuesday.

He PAN reacted to “the cowardly murders” of the politicians in a statement and recalled that “he warned months ago about the need to install a security table” in the face of violence in that region.

Violence in Mexico

The wave of violence linked to organized crime that shakes Mexico also affects politicians, especially those who hold or aspire to obtain municipal and state positions. The Reasons range from attempts by criminal groups to subjugate candidates to their authority and interests to bloody disputes between local power groups.

In Mexico, 33 people were murdered in episodes of electoral violence between June 4 and February 7 past, 16 of which were candidates for candidacy, according to a study by Laboratorio Electoral, a private analysis and research firm.

Murders due to electoral violence in Mexico

The murders due to electoral violence were registered in 13 of the 32 Mexican stateswith Guerrero (south) being the entity with the highest incidence, with 8 homicides, followed by Veracruz (east) and Michoacán, both with five crimes, the report indicates.

According to official figures, Mexico registers more than 420,000 murdersmost attributed to criminal organizations, since the launch of a controversial military anti-drug offensive in December 2006.

Source: Ambito

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