Knife attack: perpetrator is taken to a fully supervised residential facility

Knife attack: perpetrator is taken to a fully supervised residential facility
Application for accommodation in Ried
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On October 1, 2023, a 45-year-old stabbed his brother-in-law several times in Helpfau-Uttendorf, Braunau district. Yesterday, an application for detention was made against the man in the Ried regional court because of intentional serious bodily harm. The jury did not have to decide on the level of punishment, but rather on whether the man should be sent to a forensic therapeutic center or not. “How many times before did the person concerned talk to his brother-in-law. Suddenly he had an inspiration that he had to kill him. If the perpetrator’s ex-wife hadn’t happened to come and beg him to stop, then he would probably have continued.” said prosecutor Alois Ebner.

According to a report by psychiatrist Adelheid Kastner, the 45-year-old was mentally ill when the crime occurred. Over the past four years, the “ambitious man” has changed more and more. The medication has recently improved his condition in the forensic clinic. “He is insightful and knows that drug treatment is the only way,” said Kastner. Medication, which has to be injected by a doctor once a month, is the only way to control the mental illness. With this you can avoid being admitted to a forensic therapeutic center. “I can’t sleep anymore and I can’t move my hand anymore. Who will help me now? The perpetrator is not sick, he is playing his role,” said the victim on the witness stand.

The person concerned has not yet been ordered to be admitted to a forensic therapeutic center. Instead, he is placed in a fully supervised residential facility. The 45-year-old was released from his detention immediately after the end of the hearing and taken to the Pro Mente residential facility. Judge Stefan Kiesl finally addressed the victim’s family. “It is unimaginable what the victim suffered, but there is no place for vigilantism in this country.”

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