the mother of the opposition leader visited the grave

the mother of the opposition leader visited the grave

The mother of the Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny visited his grave this Saturday in Moscowthe day after funeralin which thousands of people participated who risked being detained.

Navalnythe president’s staunchest critic Vladimir Putin for more than a decade, died at 47 years old in a penal colony Arctic two weeks ago, where he was serving a sentence of 19 years on charges of “extremism”in conditions still to be clarify.

His mother, Liudmila Navalnayavisited his grave, covered in flowers and crownsin the cemetery of Borisovoin the south of Moscow, early on Saturday morning, journalists from the AFP news agency observed. She accompanied her Alla Abrosimovamother of the widow of Navalny, Yulia Navalnaya.

Yulia Navalnayathe couple’s two children and the brother of Navalny They all live abroad and did not attend the funeral, where they could have been arrested.

The opponent’s widow promised to continue her husband’s work and blamed Putin for his death.

I don’t know how I’m going to live without you, but I will do what I can so that you are happy and proud of me up there. “I will always love you,” she expressed in a farewell message published on social networks and thanked her husband. “those 26 years of absolute happiness”.

Followers of the opponent continued this Saturday placing flowers on his grave, under a police presence continues in the cemetery, near the banks of the Moscow River.

Thousands of people came on Friday to obsequies to give you a last tribute. As they headed from a church near the cemetery, in a very long line, some chanted “Not to the war!” and other slogans in favor of Navalnyhow to brand Putin of “killer” and ask for the release of political prisoners.

Russian police arrested at least 128 people who attended tributes to Navalny in 19 citiesaccording to the human rights NGO OVD-Info.

The scenes of thousands of people marching in support of the opposition, demanding end of Russian offensive in Ukraine and attacking him Kremlinthey had not seen each other in Russia since the beginning of the large scale invasion against Ukraine in February 2022.

He Kremlin harshly represses dissent and uses strict laws to persecute hundreds of people who have publicly demonstrated against the campaign.

Who was Alexey Navalny?

Navalnylawyer and blogger, established himself over 12 years as the Putin’s number one detractor and of his “party of thieves and swindlers”as he used to describe it.

He made himself known by helping to organize big demonstrationsin 2011 and 2012, which were finally repressedand in 2013 it was second in the Moscow municipal electionsan achievement that boosted his visibility.

built a notoriety on the Internet and networksthanks to the dissemination of viral video investigations that denounced the corruption of Russian power.

In January 2021, he was arrested upon returning to his country after recovering in Germanywhere he was hospitalized after being the victim of a poisoning in Russia which he attributed to Putinsomething that Kremlin denied.

Since his arrest he was sentenced to high prison sentences after being accused of “extremism” and “fraud”.

In August of last year he was sentenced to 19 years in prison and until mid-December he was detained in a maximum security prison nearly Moscow until he was transferred to Jarpin it russian arctic.

He Federal Penitentiary Service Russian was in charge of announcing that the opposition leader He died after “feeling unwell during a walk”. The circumstances of the death remain unclear.

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