Uruguay condemned the political situation in Venezuela before Celac and Machado thanked

Uruguay condemned the political situation in Venezuela before Celac and Machado thanked

Vice Chancellor Nicolás Albertoni expressed that the country finds arbitrary proscriptions “inadmissible” and the main opposition leader highlighted his speech.

Uruguay He referred again to the political situation in Venezuela within the framework of the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) which takes place in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The delegation headed by the vice chancellor Nicolas Albertoni considered “inadmissible the arbitrary proscriptions” that occur in the country governed by Nicolás Maduro.

In the absence of the president Luis Lacalle Pou, who stayed in the country to give the speech Accountability traditional before Parliament, and instead of the minister of Foreign Affairs Omar Paganini, Albertoni represented the country at the summit of the Celac, among other heads of State and Government of the region.

There, he took the opportunity to condemn the political climate that exists in Venezuela, just as President Lacalle Pou did on other occasions. “Arbitrary proscriptions such as that of Maria Corina Machado and the arrest of the activist Rocío San Miguelas well as the expulsion of the representative of the high commissioner of United Nations Human Rights“, he pointed.

Albertoni also pointed out that Uruguay makes a “call to the government of Venezuela not to abandon the spirit of the Barbados Agreements, who had managed to restore to their people and to our region the hope of mutual understanding and reconciliation.

By echoing these sayings, Machado responded through her X account: “Grateful to Vice Chancellor Nicolás Albertoni and the government of Uruguay for this firm position in defense of democracy and freedom in Venezuela”.

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Questions to the Celac document

Likewise, Vice Chancellor Albertoni raised the Uruguayan position of seeing the signing of the statement that was raised at the summit of the Celac. This is because, although it has more than 90 points in which the vast majority talk about defending democracy and institutions, the current situation shows that not all countries are “in the same boat” of defending these values.

“The summits pass and we meet again with a imbalance evident in some cases that they move away from the path of democratic coexistence and in this way put at risk the normal development of the electoral processes”, He detailed, and questioned: “What democracy are we talking about in our statement today when in several countries in the region today freedom and electoral competition are limited?”

On the other hand, Albertoni said that the region must continue seeking a higher level of dialogue at the international level. “From this premise we support all initiatives that aim to deepen integration and dialogue between Latin America and the Caribbean“he highlighted.

However, he asked that good use be made of the integration instruments, without these becoming “a meaningless echo chamber”; and he pointed to the lack of trade among Latin American countries despite the abundance of multilateral organizations that the continent has.

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