Montevideo teachers stop this week

Montevideo teachers stop this week

The classes They start this Monday throughout the Uruguay in the middle of a complicated week for Montevideo teachers who will carry out a three-day force measure, as resolved by the Association of Teachers of Uruguay (Ademu).

Two weeks ago, Ademu decided by vote to carry out three days of rotating strike during the first week of classes in Montevideo. The measure will be implemented by jurisdictions, and will affect public schools in the western zone on Tuesday the 5th; at the center on Wednesday the 6th; and, finally, schools in the east will stop on Thursday the 7th. In all cases, the suspension of tasks will be for 24 hours.

The rotating stoppages They will also be accompanied by propaganda activities for “institutional violence” and a resource for the education authorities to reverse the sanctions against the three affected teachers.

Why do teachers stop?

The forceful measures respond to the sanction of three teachers from the capital: two of them, from the Diving school 35, among those who were suspended for 30 days with salary withholding for having read a union proclamation against the educational reform in March of last year; and a third teacher, from the school 407she was suspended for 10 days with withholding of wages.

For Ademu, the sanctions are an “attack on the union freedoms.” In addition, they questioned the deadlines for the administrative investigation against these two teachers – the event occurred almost a year ago – as well as the fact that they were notified of the sanction in January, when they were using their statutory license.

For its part, since Primary understand that the reading of the union proclamation was a violation of secularism of public education.

“Every citizen has the right to freedom of expression. In this case, they could not demonstrate it within the school premises because it was a proclamation that the teachers know was the personal demonstration, that the union can have, that it has the right to have, against the curricular reform,” the sanction had justified. Primary Director, Olga de las Heras.

In recent days, the advisor of the Codicen, Juan Gabito, He had described the union measure as a “serious error” and said that it “surprised” him because he considered that Teaching is a “very professional group.”

“We all say we want to strengthen public education but these measures discredit it, because the private ones are not going to stop because of this. And then still, on (Friday) the 8th, in commemoration of International Women’s Day, another strike,” Gabito questioned in dialogue with Channel 10.

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