HPV vaccination soon free until 30

HPV vaccination soon free until 30
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The federal, state and social security systems have fundamentally agreed to extend the free HPV vaccination up to the 30th birthday. The decision on the public vaccination program is expected to be made in April.

Health Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens), the state health councilors and the chairmen of the umbrella organization of social insurance providers spoke out in favor of the expansion on the occasion of International HPV Day. Vaccination can prevent up to 180 deaths per year in Austria. Since February 1st last year, the HPV vaccination has been available free of charge for children, adolescents and young adults from their 9th to their 21st birthday.

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The number of vaccinations has almost doubled since then: around 106,000 vaccinations have been documented in the electronic vaccination certificate. In the same period last year, almost 56,000 vaccinations were registered.

“The only vaccination against cancer”

“The HPV vaccination is the only vaccination against cancer. It saves many lives in Austria every year. We now want to offer everyone up to their 30th birthday the opportunity to get the free HPV vaccination. I am confident that the relevant ones Decisions will be made in April. Because health should not be a question of income,” said Rauch.

What is HPV?

The vaccination protects against infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV). This can cause various cancers, especially cervical cancer. 400 to 500 women suffer from it every year. Other cancers in the middle of the throat and on the genital organs are also caused by HP viruses. They affect both men and women.

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