The Frente Amplio summons Arbeleche, Martinelli and Viera to Parliament for the cost to river tourism

The Frente Amplio summons Arbeleche, Martinelli and Viera to Parliament for the cost to river tourism

“It is a tax that was placed administratively,” accused the opposition legislator, Sebastián Valdomir.

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He Wide Front will summon the Parliament to the Minister of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbeleche, together with their Tourism peers, Tabare Viera, and from the Interior, Nicolas Martinelli; for the new cost river tourism.

The measure, which involves the payment of $2.56 for people traveling by sea or river and aroused criticism from different sectors, “is clearly a tax,” said the FA deputy. Sebastian Valdomir, who anticipated that he will call the hierarchs to a commission.

“It’s a tax that was placed through administrative means when in reality, like any tax, a project should have been sent to the Parliament for it to be discussed,” said Valdomir.

For the legislator, the decree that promotes the Executive power has “some constitutional problems” and questioned: “That path of installing a payment for all maritime and river passages should not have been followed.”

Along these lines, he considered that in this way “only those who use this means of transportation will have to pay for the computerized immigration system” and pointed out against the Ministry of Interior for advancing with the tender, despite having observations from the Court of Accounts.

“It seems to us that it is necessary that not only the Minister of Economy, but also the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Tourism come to explain their position,” summarized Valdomir.

Criticism of the new cost of river tourism

The measure resulted in both Bus as Cologne Express present two appeals in court to annul the new cost that would begin to apply from May for arrivals to and departures from Uruguay, by pointing out that “in a healthy democracy the parties are consulted”:

While, Andrés Castellano, president of the Cologne Tourist Association, held in dialogue with Ambit that “it is not a rate, because to be a rate it must be a law and this is a decree.” “We identify this as a negative situation for Colonia because it is where the cost of the ticket has the most impact,” said Castellano.

Source: Ambito

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