Headphones #110: Rahel and her fine language

Headphones #110: Rahel and her fine language
Rahel combines lyrical language and subtle music wonderfully.
Image: Daria Savytska

Anyone who listens to the Waldviertel native’s debut album will automatically think of Holofernes and We Are Heroes in songs like the fantastic “Bitte nicht in Blicken”. “I don’t do it consciously,” says Rahel in an OÖN interview. “Perhaps the impression comes from a passion for the subtlety of the language and the similar voice.” On April 11th she will be performing live at the Linzer Posthof.

The poetry lover (“I read a lot of poems”) and perfectionist (“I do a lot with myself when it comes to the lyrics”) does not hide behind phrases in the lyrical language of the eleven songs on “miniano”, but is always clear, distinct, unmistakable. The songs radiate something special and you enjoy listening to them. This applies to rocking indie pop songs like “Das kleine Kasterl” as well as wonderful narrative pop songs like “Little Women in Berry Fields”.

“Experience many things intensively”

Her ideas sometimes come from “a despair about the state of the world” and from very beautiful and very difficult emotions, as she says. “I experience a lot of things very intensely and then music is an outlet for me.”

In her songs, Rahel also draws attention to important topics such as equality and interpersonal relationships, but without screaming in other people’s faces. “It doesn’t help much if we don’t listen to each other, but it’s important, despite all the boundaries, to show the other a little empathy.” If you listen carefully to Rahel, you will, in the best case scenario, get involved in new topics. “I also notice this in those around me. If you take time to explain and give people time, then they can change and adopt a different attitude.”

It’s okay to be annoyed when things don’t go much further. The songwriter admits this to people and has dedicated a song to them, “Not Even Nihilist”. “It’s also completely okay if a person is just grumpy, if you talk your mouth off and nothing happens. And I think anger can also be a good emotion that creates a lot.”

What is she worried about at the moment? She says she can’t consume much news because the reports sadden her. That’s why it’s often difficult for them to stay positive. She still has hope when she looks at a young woman like Lena Schilling, because there are many very young people who would stand up for important things. “It’s important not to overlook this.”

Defiance as a driver

What drives them to speak up and make change possible? “It is very nice that we have this privilege of free expression. Nobody is going to come and drive me off stage because I’m critical of something. That’s not a given when you look at other countries.” And what drives her: “Despite and the conviction that I can do what men can do.”

Back to the music: For Rahel, it is just as important as the lyrics, which she attributes to her producer Raphael Krenn. The two complement each other perfectly. You can also hear this clearly in many moments on “miniano”.

Rahel: “miniano” (Ink Music)

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