Lacalle Pou supported the free import of fuels and argued that Ancap improved

Lacalle Pou supported the free import of fuels and argued that Ancap improved

The president called on the rice farmers to insist on the measure and recalled that the government launched a project that was not approved in Parliament.

President Luis Lacalle Pou was in favor of the demonopolization of Ancap of the fuels and called on the rice sector to insist on free imports, highlighting that the state company “improved” in recent years.

The government took away the monopoly in ports and airports Ancap and the president recalled that a preliminary draft was sent to the Parliament, although it did not prosper, so he considered it as “a solo flag.”

“In the government plans, some of us have stated that we want to demonopolize, but I did not have the power of conviction to lead to the free import of fuel,” he admitted. Lacalle Pou and ironically: “The country is one and political activity is the art of the possible. “We played like never before, we lost like always.”

“If each one protects his own, we are a multiplication of monopolies. Therefore, on the subject of fuels “We have to understand how a political decision is made, and we also have to continue with these issues that I believe sooner rather than later we will end up with that,” he said.

Lacalle Pou encouraged the rice farmers to maintain the claim

During the event that marks the beginning of the harvest season rice, carried out in the town of Pueblo del Barro, in Tacuarembó, The president encouraged the Rice Growers Association (ACA) to continue with the request: “I would recommend not giving in on this claim, because Ancap it’s better. If it were six years ago, it was very difficult. Now it’s gotten better, it’s improved.”

In this regard, he maintained that “the private sector has shown that it forces the public sector, puts it at the forefront of things”, which is why he urged the ACA to maintain the order for the next administration.

On the other hand, he highlighted that HERE made 34 claims during his management and detailed: The good thing is that some claims are no longer there, there are some that continue to appear and other new ones.” “What does that mean? First, that some things were fulfilled; others that we do not agree on; and then the agricultural life itself gives rise to new ideas.

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