Despite having cancer, King Charles will not distance himself from the public scene or resign from his position

Despite having cancer, King Charles will not distance himself from the public scene or resign from his position

He King Charles III of England He will miss on Monday the first major protocol event since he was diagnosed with a cancerbut experts say there are no indications that the monarch will disappear from the public scene and much less that it is considered resign from his position.

Carlosof 75 yearsHe was forced to postpone all your public commitments since he Buckingham Palace revealed just over a month ago that he was going to undergo a treatment for an unspecified type of cancer.

The news shocked the nation and came less than 18 months after it became sovereign upon the death of his mother in September 2022, after 70 years of reign. His absence will be noted on Monday at the events celebrating the Commonwealtha club of 56 countries emerged from British Empire.

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He British Commonwealth Dayin which royals attend a religious service at London Abbey westminsterwhere he was crowned last year, is an important annual event in the royal calendar, as Carlos He heads the organization of an activity very dear to his mother.

Although he will not be present in person, with his wife the queen camilla leading the act, Carlos will transmit a video messageanother demonstration that it continues to fulfill its official state obligations.

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Since his illness became known, he was seen receiving the prime minister Rishi Sunak at his usual meeting, and in the last week he was photographed greeting foreign dignitaries and on a video call with the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

“We are in a situation similar to that of the queen at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemicin which he tried to combine his obligations like monarch with his distancing from public opinion“he declared Robert Hardmanbiographer of Charles of England. “And that’s really the model. We will see a lot of the king. We will hear from you, but it will be by video conference from distance and not in person,” he added.


However, Charles broke with the usual royal protocol by announcing his health conditionan indication of his desire for a more open and less formal monarchyaccording to analysts.

Before the news of cancerhad also revealed that he was going to undergo a “corrective procedure” in the hospital for prostate enlargementa benign disease common among men over 50 years old.

“I think it does mark a deviation of tone in his mother’s stylethe late queen,” said Anna Whitelockteacher of History of the Monarchy in the City University of London. “In a way, I had to say something. But, of course, I didn’t have to reveal that it was actually a diagnosis of cancer“, he added.

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Although Carlos wanted to share the details of his treatment prostate to encourage other men experiencing symptoms to undergo a medical checkAccording to his assistants, there is one issue on which the experts agree: he will follow his mother’s example and reject the idea of give up the throne in favor of his sonPrince William.

The abdication is not uncommon among other European monarchies – the Queen Margaret II of Denmark He gave the throne to his son King Frederick in January after 52 years of reign -, but no one expects that Carlos follow his example.

He wants to rule until his death. You’ve been waiting for this role. “I’m sure he’s had big ideas in mind, things he wants to do as king,” she said. Stephanie Petit, royalty editor of the American magazine People. “And that this should happen so soon after his reign had begun must be devastating for him,” he concluded.

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