Lacalle Pou paraded on horseback in the Gaucha Homeland

Lacalle Pou paraded on horseback in the Gaucha Homeland

President Luis Lacalle Pou participated in the parade Gaucha Homeland in Tacuarembó, within the framework of the closing weekend of the 37th traditional festival in Uruguay. The president could also be seen parading on horseback next to the sharecropping Curtina stoveunlike last year, when he watched the event from the stand.

Comfortable and smiling, this is how the president was seen while parading with the horsemen at the Gaucha Homeland Festival, although it was not the first time he did it: in 2020 he had already participated on horseback with his wife at the time. , Lorena Ponce de Leon; But before being the head of state he had also attended the traditional parade of horsemen with which the national event closes.

Lacalle Pou He was already in Tacuarembó because on Friday he participated in the inauguration of the rice harvest where he regretted not having been able to advance in the free import of fuel, but urged the Rice Growers Association (ACA) to “not give in on that claim” with the next government.

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President Luis Lacalle Pou paraded alongside riders from different Uruguayan partnerships.

This morning he took advantage of the proximity to be part of the parade together with the Fogón de Curtina partnership, on the last occasion in which he will be able to participate as president of Uruguay.

Along with the leader, hundreds of horses from different sharecroppings made the traditional route around noon this Saturday. And the parade was animated by the payadores Juan Carlos Lopez, Liliana Salvat, Emanuel Calero and Wilmonte Borlinke.

Likewise, several national authorities and politicians such as former nationalist ministers were on the stand. Luis Alberto Heber and Javier García, as well as the current ministers Armando Castaingdebat (Defense), Pablo Mieres (MTSS), José Luis Falero (MTOP) and Pablo Da Silveira (MEC)and the mayor of Tacuarembó Wilson Ezquerra. The pre-candidates of the National Party Álvaro Delgado, Laura Raffo and Jorge Gandini.

The president’s support for fuel imports

On Friday, also in Tacuarembó, the president Lacalle Pou was in favor of the demonopolization of Ancap Over the fuels and called on the rice sector to insist on free imports, highlighting that the state company “improved” in recent years.

“In the government plans, some of us have stated that we want to demonopolize, but I did not have the power of conviction to lead to the free importation of fuel,” the president admitted. and ironically: “The country is one and political activity is the art of the possible. “We played like never before, we lost like always.”

“If each one protects his own, we are a multiplication of monopolies. Therefore, on the subject of fuels “We have to understand how a political decision is made, and we also have to continue with these issues that I believe sooner rather than later we will end up with that,” he said.

During the event that marks the beginning of the harvest season rice, carried out in the town of Pueblo del Barro, in Tacuarembó, The president encouraged the Rice Growers Association (ACA) to continue with the request: “I would recommend not giving in on this claim, because Ancap it’s better. If it were six years ago, it was very difficult. Now it’s gotten better, it’s improved.”

In this regard, he maintained that “the private sector has shown that it forces the public sector, puts it at the forefront of things”, which is why he urged the ACA to maintain the order for the next administration.

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