Setback and disaster for the ÖVP at Lake Wolfgangsee

Setback and disaster for the ÖVP at Lake Wolfgangsee
In Strobl am Wolfgangsee there was a clear shift in the balance of power yesterday evening.
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Rußbach at the G Schütt Pass, just a few kilometers from Gosau, became significantly brighter on the map last night. While the ÖVP won 53.4 percent there in the local council elections in 2019, it fell to 38.9 percent yesterday. And the black mayor Karl Huemer also has to retreat. The previous deputy mayor Stefan Lanner (SP) takes over: He achieved 60.8 percent straight away.

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The big election winner in the community was not the SPÖ, which was able to significantly shorten the gap to the ÖVP, but still lost 3.2 percentage points (34.2). The Freedom Party achieved 26.8 percent in Rußbach, a significant increase of 17.8 percentage points.

Excitement at Lake Wolfgangsee

Yesterday’s election evening at Lake Wolfgang was much more exciting. In Strobl, the ÖVP and SPÖ were only separated by 0.3 percentage points. That’s just seven votes. The Reds had gained 11.5 percentage points to 36.6 percent, the People’s Party experienced a pitch-black evening (-18.8) and only managed 36.9 percent.

There was also an increase for the Greens (+2.6) and the Freedom Party (+4.7). The mayoral election in Strobl was at least as exciting. For the first time in years, four candidates competed there. For Christof Hillebrand, who was supposed to succeed Josef Weikinger as VP candidate, it goes into extra time.

Because Harald Humer (SP) had already achieved 38.5 percent in the first round and is only 0.9 percentage points behind Hillebrand. Robin Raudaschl (FP) and Astrid Stockinger (Greens) received 11 and 11.1 percent of the votes respectively. In two weeks there will be a runoff election between Hillebrand and Humer. The People’s Party in St. Gilgen experienced a setback, but not a disaster.
With a minus of 6.1 percentage points, the ÖVP remains the strongest force (49.4 percent), the SPÖ follows behind with 31 percent.

There was a respectable success for the Greens, who were on the ballot paper in St. Gilgen for the first time ever. With 11.4 percent, the Green List, led by Daniela Neuhofer, immediately came in ahead of the Freedom Party (8.2 percent).

The mayoral election was also clearer than in the neighboring community. Otto Kloiber (VP) gained 1.3 percentage points to remain in office with 56.8 percent. His challenger Norbert Laimer received 43.2 percent of the vote.

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