Lecture on the regulation of the once untamed Salzach

Lecture on the regulation of the once untamed Salzach
The map section shows how tree trunks are driven into the river bank with the help of a ram in order to fortify it.
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Cultural advisor Karl Hager from Ostermiething will report on the development of the river banks of the Salzach in the 17th century between the Ettenau (Ostermiething) and Wildshut (St. Pantaleon) at the next local history get-together of the Innviertler Kulturkreis on Tuesday, March 12th, at 7.30 p.m. at the Steinerwirt in Gundertshausen (Eggelsberg).
Difficult to navigate for boatmen
In the mid-17th century, the Salzach had long been a busy transport route for salt, marble and other goods. Due to the poor road conditions at the time, river transport was the best way to carry out these “heavy transports”. Until it was regulated, the untamed Salzach with its floodplains and many tributaries was very difficult for boatmen to navigate. In the 17th century, efforts were made to regulate the river. The river map by the master builder Pietlinger from the Salzburg state archive shows what was changed around 1649/50. The card is 2.18 meters long and 49 centimeters wide. Texts describe which construction measures were carried out with the technical possibilities of the time and without large construction machines.
The regulatory measures continued into the 20th century. Only recently has it been dismantled again so that the Salzach can flow more freely.

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