Caricom called a crisis meeting in Jamaica

Caricom called a crisis meeting in Jamaica

Due to the violence in Haiti by gangs, Caricom called a meeting in Jamaica with the presence of the United States, France, Canada and the UN.


The increase in violence in Port-au-Prince, which led to the evacuation of European and American diplomats, led this Monday to an emergency call in Jamaica. The Caribbean Community (Caricom) called a mon meeting in Kingston at which he invited representatives of the United States, France, Canada and the UN.

Upon his arrival in Jamaica and after meeting with the Jamaican prime minister, the head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken, declared: “This is a critical moment for Haiti and also for all of us”. In addition, he said that they hope to be able to make progress, given the escalation of violence that Haiti is going through. According to the spokesperson for the US Secretary of State, efforts to accelerate a transition will be studied, with the “establishment of a collegiate presidency” in Haiti, in addition to addressing the deployment of an international security mission.

The UN Security Council He called on Haiti’s political actors to conduct serious negotiations to restore democratic institutions. Meanwhile, the armed gangs that continue to control Port-au-Prince, demanding the resignation of the prime minister, Ariel Henry They lost control of the port at the hands of the security forces over the weekend, according to the director of the National Port Authority, Jocelin Villier. This made several ships manage to unload containers, although the challenge is getting the food and products out of the port, since the gangs still control the roads.

It is in this context that the European Union decided to evacuate all its employees in Port-au-Prince towards “a safer place outside the country”, as indicated this Monday by Peter Stano, spokesman for the head of diplomacy of the community bloc, Josep Borrell. Something similar was done by Germany, who sent its ambassador to the neighboring Dominican Republic. “until new notice”like the United States, which evacuated its non-essential diplomatic personnel by helicopter.

The situation today in Haiti

Since a week ago the Haitian authorities declared state of emergency and night curfew throughout the Western department, where the capital is located. However, the security forces do not control the territory, which is subject to armed gangs. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Port-au-Prince is a “city under siege.” “Today we should not count on authorities who have failed and who do not live in Haiti”, the police union SPNH-17 said in a statement published this Monday. “We must mobilize to defend our country and prevent them from destroying what little we have left,” he added.

According to IOM data, 62,000 people, more than half of them children, are currently displaced in Haiti, a number that has increased 15% since the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, Ariel Henry has remained in Puerto Rico since Tuesday after failing to land in Port-au-Prince and being denied entry by the Dominican Republic. In the capital, Both public offices and schools remain closed, while the airport is paralyzed and hospitals cannot function normally.. Meanwhile, a Catholic congregation announced on Sunday the release of five people who had been kidnapped since February. The same organization is still demanding the release of two other kidnapped people.

Ariel Henry

Ariel Henry, Prime Minister of Haiti, has not yet managed to return to his country and is in Puerto Rico, while armed groups call for his resignation.

Ariel Henry, Prime Minister of Haiti, has not yet managed to return to his country and is in Puerto Rico, while armed groups call for his resignation.

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